April at Home

Looking back on April, we talked about windows and travel, herbs and gardening, and a little bit of this and that.

Sadly, it’s been more of a talking month than a doing month, but it is what it. That just means we have all the more to do come summer.

We started off talking about windows–to be more specific glare. My Futures So Bright you might have to wear your shades inside. That can be a problem. With heat, the glare, the fading, we decided it was time to have solar film installed on the windows in the great room.

Yea! We made a decision, but first…you name it. First, we should have the windows cleaned, and the ones with blown seals need to be replaced, and we should get a second quote on all those replacements, and maybe the second guy doesn’t want to work with the height and the slope constraints, and we get tired and just go with the first one, and then they have to come back for more measurements. Sound like nothing is ever going to happen?

Well, the glass company was here yesterday, and they’re ordering glass today, and scheduling the job mid-May. So cross your fingers; it’s all going to work out.

Meanwhile we have lovely clean windows (except for a few random doggy nose prints). The custom etching around the entry glistens in the sun.

Hawaii windows 007

And the rest of the windows are pretty spectacular, too–except for the screens. In our quest to See Clearly Now, the MR has been redoing the screens. Cocoa thinks it’s all just a big game.

Cocoa wrapped in screen

After Road Tripping to the University of Idaho, and considering her options quite seriously on the beaches of Mauai, Baby Girl has decided to attend the University of Oregon next fall.IMG_0013

Check out the beauty of Hawaii in Keeping That Aloha Spirit.

If you’re interested in some amazing appetizers give An Herbal Fete a gander. They were a hit at the First Bloom Event, and the local FFA raised over $1,000 in ticket sales and sold $4,000 in plants that first night. In the Party Aftermath I showed you all those plants just waiting to be planted.



Most of them have found a home, but a few still need some help. The lettuce plants are now receiving the protection I belatedly gave the peas in This Is War. The peas didn’t make it, but let’s hope the lettuce will.

The MR extra netting and new fencing in the orchard may have done the trick. The trees are starting to fruit up. I love the hope and promise those beautiful blooms capture.

Pear Blossom

We can celebrate another success; the new mattress pad gets a thumbs up for staying in place. Choices encourages you to rethink problems so that success is inevitable and maybe buy a new mattress pad.

Hope you had a fabulous April. Happy May Day!




2 thoughts on “April at Home

  1. Well it looks like May will be the ‘it finally happened’ month after all the plans are acted upon for at your home. We are seeing some success with our teeny garden this year. Because it gets so hot at our house starting in April, we have to plant in Feb. and we have lots of cherry tomatoes almost ripe, the potato plant is beautiful, and the squash and peas look like they didn’t make it. Maybe next year we will get them earlier and start the seeds in the house like the package said. We are inside now at the temp. is to be in the low 100s, and Papa got a chemical peel on his scalp this week and I am make jewelry like crazy for the 5 or 6 shows this summer. Happy May Day!!!,

    • We’re looking forward to temps in the 60’s and 70’s this weekend. I have a golf date with the MR on Monday–such a different world.

      Enjoy your tomatoes and creative time. Sending prayers for Papa’s quick healing.

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