Look at this Year’s Insta-Garden

I’ve always just planted seeds. Buying starts seemed like cheating.

But between slugs and varmints, I haven’t been able to get anything growing around here. All those vegetables at the FFA plant sale rescued me. It’s like just add water and boom insta-garden.

I have a lovely row of leafy lettuce next to my slug-eaten marigolds.


I decided not to tempt fate lest I come back in a few days to find all my lettuce gone. So I went ahead and moved my crazy box of protection. It didn’t help the peas, but I have hopes for the lettuce.

lettuce protected

We only harvested a few stalks of asparagus this year, but next year the plants will have been in for two and some for three years, and we’ll be able to pick to our hearts’ content.



Those tall stalks are storing up energy for the future.

A tomato, broccoli, a cucumber, and a pumpkin rounded out the last planting bed.

broccoli tomato squashI’m excited to try tying the tomato plant to the tennis court fence to keep it from sprawling all over the place. I still need another tomato plant–maybe the Civic Club plant sale to benefit the library this weekend will have just what I need.

Now we did pick up more than just vege’s at the FFA sale. Me and the MR have envisioned a Swath of Purple on the slope next to the house. He even went so far as to buy a bunch of lavender plants online last year. Unfortunately, they arrived while we were on vacation, and they didn’t survive a week in a tin mailbox. We planted them without any luck.

So we snatched up a dozen at the plant sale a few weeks ago, and the MR replaced the dried up sticks with new healthy plants. The slope of purple flowers will smell heavenly and lessen the amount of very steep mowing.



We went with four different kinds of lavender. It will be interesting to see whether one type does better than the others. The MR also has plans to add sprinklers to this area to help get the trees and lavender established.

Meanwhile, we have a few more flowers to plant, and I have a few spaces in my garden that need to be filled. I do want some beets, and the MR and Baby Girl always enjoy carrots. I saw some healthy pea plants at the grocery store, and I was tempted to pick some up. The fact that we were in the middle of a thunderstorm deterred me for the moment. It’s late in the season, but I’m both stubborn and determined to grow peas by golly.

We have been a little busy around here. It was Mom’s Weekend down at Oregon State. I had a fabulous time with Sweet Miss and her friends.

And the MR and BG were up to all sorts of excitement with prom last weekend. Our little girl is growing up. She looked quite lovely. I was sad to miss her and her friends looking so beautiful.

baby girl promThe MR did a great job taking pictures and holding down the fort at home. Now we have just five weeks till graduation.

Life is good, and the garden will grow even when we’re distracted with living.

How is your garden growing? Do you use mostly seeds or transplants?





3 thoughts on “Look at this Year’s Insta-Garden

  1. I am harvesting some red cherry tomatoes this week. Thank you so much for the suggestion last year to plant cherry, instead of beefsteak tomatoes. I had one potato that had all kinds of roots growing out of the eyes. I chopped it all up and put it in a whole in the ground and now we have all kinds of beautiful leaves which are about a foot tall and quite lush. The peas did not materialize, but the squash is up and starting to trail!! Am feeling very farm-er-ish! BG and her date looked fantastic.So glad we will be there for graduation.

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