An Epic Window Drama

It feels like we’ve been talking about windows forever. We’ve had blinds people out, window film people out, and glass people out. They’ve measured, and priced, and offered recommendations. We’ve pondered, and pictured, and made decisions.

And yesterday after emails, and consultations, and ordering, and scheduling, it was all going to magically come together. They installed the upstairs windows without a pause. Then one of the garage windows was too wide, and the window at the base of the stairs wasn’t on the order. That’s OK; they’re not getting solar film, so we can wait.

Then they started on the great room. Windows one, two, three, and four went in without a hitch. Then came window five. After 20 years, our house has settled. Those top level, fancy windows, are slightly misshapen.


ladderWhen I left off babysitting the dogs to grab a glass of water and check progress, I noticed they were having a bit of trouble removing the old window. Nothing like someone hovering to make you nervous, so I let them be.

Unfortunately, all is not well.

As you may have guessed, they don’t just have this glass laying around. It’s two weeks to order, and then a matter of scheduling the installation. Don’t they know we have graduation and an open house in June? We want everything to look pristine.

Let’s be real. If my front yard still looks like this, people won’t be expecting much.


Today is day two of window install, so say a little prayer with me that the two even larger custom windows go in smoothly and that the French door panels have arrived. Otherwise, we can just make up a good story about crazy hunters, with really bad aim, wandering onto our property.

Window films are pushed back to mid-June. We don’t need to reduce the heat or glare before summer, right? This will give my in-laws a little entertainment—kind of like a built-in floor show with scaffolding instead of trapeze.

Now I need to fertilize the tomatoes, check the garden, buy some groceries, and plant a zucchini before I’m banished with the dogs to the garage and hangout room. The dogs aren’t allowed to roam with $1,000 pieces of glass sitting out, and I don’t expect quality work from the installers if they have to listen sad and lonely dogs howl and bark for hours. It’s time to get moving.

Have you had home projects go awry?



7 thoughts on “An Epic Window Drama

  1. Oh my, I can hardly wait till we get to watch ‘remodeling life’ going on just feet away from us. Papa will just love it! I am sure with all the ‘flipping of many houses’ we did, stuff happened, but I can only remember one thing……… company had just put the sealer on the hard wood floors in all but the kitchen. Even though the windows and doors were all open, when the plumber lit his torch to solder something in the pipe, the explosion moved the entire roof up and over a couple of inches. No one was hurt, but it took time to put the house, literally, back together again.

  2. Once years ago,I got the # of a painter,at ACE HARDWARE,on a bulletin board. I wanted the staircase painted. I found a peach color,light and pretty at Home Depot. The man I spoke to didn`t come out to do the job. Instead a scruffy run down man show`d up. He wasn`t what I expected but the deal had been set up. HE looked like he`d just rolled out of a bar. Or prison. I gave him the paint and I left to do errands. When I returned,I opened the door and almost passed out ! The stairwell was ORANGE,not peach. The walls bounced the paint around and it almost GLOWED !! I took the paint stick outside… was peach. I took the paint stick into the stairwell….it was ORANGE !! And he got small bits of the stairwell popcorn ceiling ORANGE too. He was almost done. After he left,I brought over my neighbor,Bobby. I explained I needed her opinion—–she carefully expressed some opinion,trying to be tactful. It was a quiet moment. I set on the stairs,when my husband walked in the door. He`d worked all day and had no idea what he would see ! The look on his face was priceless ! I swear you could HEAR the paint when the lights were out !! I got two painters from my job(casino),and they redid it in a faux marble for $1200.00. But thats another awful story ! LINDA the FunkyFrogQueen

    • Your story made me laugh and smile. We’ve had our own share of paint miscues. The worst was probably when the 30-year no fade guaranteed outdoor paint failed. We went from a lovely “Toasted Wheat” to what our kids referred to as the pink house. The hardware store replaced it, but that meant the MR had to repaint the whole silly thing. Oh the joys of home ownership.

  3. Linda, that is truly a crazy-painting-story you told. Life goes on, and makes for wonderful stories!! MKL

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