May in Limbo

Maybe God is teaching me patience. Sometimes I feel like my life is one step forward two steps back.

Instead of getting uptight, I need to learn to just relax. The windows with broken seals are almost all replaced. We can live with a broken one for a few weeks, and the window films are on the calendar for late June. It’s all going to work out. Check out An Epic Window Drama and The Window Saga Continues for all the details.


Remember when we were Talking Tomatoes? I told you all about the benefits of soil amendments and Walls-O-Water. Well, they’re all great till the walls fall over and smash the broccoli from our Insta-Garden. But that’s nothing. Some critter came by and ate the broccoli plant down to the stubs. The MR set up another barrier like the one over the lettuce, but it was too little too late.

I’ll have to pick up some more starts, and we’ll give it another try. The lettuce from FFA is looking wonderful—I see salads in our future.


I know it’s hard to tell, but the lavender has started growing. I can’t wait till it’s in bloom and all filled in.


A few steps past the lavender, our orchard is looking wonderful—except for where it’s not. We will have a few more plums than last year, and for the first time ever, we have plumcots on the tree.


It looks like a great year for apples, but in Lessons Learned I shared the importance of thinning the fruit in order to avoid having a “ghetto” apple tree held together with duct tape.

Apple 2

The Wall is still in progress. As long as it’s finished before the graduation open house, it’ll be fine. I’m learning to trust and be patient; they have two weeks.


Maybe when things aren’t going quite the way I planned, I should just play Yarn Shop Hooky. I could head to my favorite shops, check out the beautiful yarn, and add to my collection.


We also celebrated Mom’s Weekend with Sweet Miss, Mother’s Day with Baby Girl and the MR, helped my brother start a remodel project, and enjoyed Sweet Miss and her fella visiting over Memorial Day Weekend.

In June we’ll celebrate Baby Girl’s graduation, all the MR’s family visiting, parties, barbecues, Father’s Day, the beginning of summer and a laid back schedule. Maybe I’ll be wishing for the quiet days of May.

How was your month?




One thought on “May in Limbo

  1. “Take one day at a time”, is easier said than done. However, it is true, and really works if you can do it. Things planned can also be postponed, or dropped entirely. Caterers can be hired, others can help you plan and execute those plans, etc. Cheer up! Help is on the way!!!!!

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