It’s Begun

Checking on the garden the other day, yes the slugs have decimated three out of the six new broccoli plants, I noticed the tell-tale sign that berries are ripening—berry seeds in bird poop.

Now, I was hoping that meant the birds have been eating wild berries and not ours, so of course I wandered over to the orchard to check out the situation. I was rewarded with a handful of currants and three fat juicy blueberries.

Currants and Blueberries

All the bushes are loaded with fruit; it’s going to be a good year for berries. Checking on the plumcot, many of the undersized fruit that had started ripening has now fallen to the ground.


Last week, it was so strange to see tiny fruit turning red while much larger fruit were quite green. I guess I have to place my faith in the greenies. A few more weeks, and we shall see.

Researching “fruit drop” it appears that early on (just after fruit set) some loss of fruit is normal. Later it can be attributed to poor weather, disease, or insects. The tree may have a little disease or insect action going on. I’m pretty sure a bird took a bite out of one of those plumcots.

I applied more slug bait to the broccoli plants; it may just not be the year for broccoli. Maybe we should place bets on whether we’ll have a plumcot harvest.

What’s growing in your yard? Any advice on combating fruit drop?





3 thoughts on “It’s Begun

  1. After living in the desert for 15 years, we are used to having a few surprise heat spikes into the 3 didgets. However, my vegetables are totally confused. We did get several nice zucchini, but the flowers are just wilting before the squash even gets started. I also am wondering if the bunny, who has taken up residence, might have finished off the final blooms. Today I am pulling up my potato plant to see what is going on. I did dig down a bit and they look like they are are ready. We have been eating pretty steadily from the tomatoes however, they too are looking like they are withering. I will leave everything in place until mid August, just in case.

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