Where’d the Time Go?

Time seems to be whirling past. Hours fly by when I’m caught up in projects, weeks have flown by as we’ve watched the landscaping take shape, and years have flown by as we’ve watched our children grow up. Baby Girl is graduating from high school on Friday.

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We still remember when she was tiny, and she counted on me and the MR and her big sister to take care of her.

Me and the MR and BG 2

Sweet Girlies 2

We’ve all gotten older, and soon she’ll be headed off into the world. We’re immensely proud of and excited for her. But just typing this up brings me to tears. We will miss her.

Last night, the MR ran into town to fill up the propane tank and came home with a pizza. We dined on the deck and watched a little TV before bed. That’s the last quiet night I see for a while.

This is a banquet, breakfast, family, slide show, baccalaureate, commencement, kids home from college, party planning, decorating, shopping, cooking, cupcake baking, party hosting kind of week. Throw in landscapers and window installers finishing up, plus a few projects of my own, and I’m tired just thinking about it.

That being said, we have lots going on around here, but I’m not sure how chatty I’ll be. It’ll be hit and miss for the blog for a few weeks. Thanks for being patient.

Did you know we’re in the midst of a heat wave? The MR made sure our nights would be a little more comfortable over the weekend.

Screen Mess


He wasn’t just messing up my little bench seating area, he was putting up screens for the French doors. A few years ago, he installed them on the doors in the great room, and they’ve really helped. So he ordered another set online and had them working after a few glitches. Now we can sleep with the doors open and enjoy a nice breeze.

Screens Up

If he could only do something about the noisy birds at 4 am, we’d be golden.

How’s your week shaping up? What do you do when your babies all grow up? Should I just buy more tissues?

(By the way, as I was sitting down at 7:15 am, to write this blog, the power went out for two hours. I wonder if that was a sign?)


3 thoughts on “Where’d the Time Go?

  1. What did we do when our babies grew up and moved away????? Well we invented a traveling business for ourselves so we could ‘show our homemade art’ at Art and Craft Shows where the kids live and visit them at least once a year,….. and that is what we are doing right now!!!!!

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