June ’15

Change was in the air this last month. Baby Girl graduated from high school; our youngest child is growing up.

Life-changing events like that require a celebration. It was much more than just Party Prep.

balloon banner


The MR was thinking about parking and landscaping. While I might worry about tidy bathrooms and dust, the MR is more focused on edging the grass before a party. So months ago, we hired landscapers to Make a Statement.

Now when you round the last bend in the driveway, your greeted with this view.

yard & house



Note to self: next time you lay some sod, don’t run the sprinklers for six hours, empty the water storage tank, overheat the pump, and burst a pipe. We’re thankful our well guy had the water back on in under 24 hours.

While the MR was making sure the outside looked good, I was Sprucing Things Up inside with little touches of summer. Sometimes a new pillow and a colorful throw add just the right punch of color.

beige chair with new throw




This has also been an emotional month for me; that translates into lots of tears. It’s still hard to believe our BG will be headed off into the world soon. Where’d the Time Go? With Sweet Miss only home for a few weeks this summer, I’m already missing my girls.

Sweet Girlies 2


Those little monkeys were a lot of work, but I miss those days. While I was being all melancholy, the MR was busy adding screens to the French doors in our bedroom so at least I could get a good night’s sleep.

With company, graduation, parties, dinners, hiking, the stomache flu, I’ve been pretty much MIA. I did share this bit of shadow beauty when I was feeling too busy to write. Sometimes you have to be in the right place at Just the Right Time.



It wasn’t all about BG this June; we did actually make it out to the garden and orchard a few times. It’s Begun showcased the beginning of berry season here. I didn’t take any pictures of the 20 pounds of strawberries and raspberries we picked later in the month.

Looking back at those plucots that spontaneously abandoned ship (fell off the tree), I realized the photo I used had nothing to show scale. So here’s another look at our nickel-sized fruit.

plucots 2


We have some on the tree—maybe a dozen. With the heat we’ve been enjoying, maybe they’ll be ripe soon.

In a few years, I’m hoping all our trees look as bountiful as our Liberty apple tree.



I’m also hoping that in a few months this tree isn’t being held together with duct tape—flashback to last year. I try to be brutal when I’m thinning the fruit, but it’s hard to throw away such beautiful apples.

I can’t end a wrap up without taking a look at June in the Garden. I’ll be honest with you, I’ve been taking pictures all month and just getting too busy to post. Even with all my neglect, the garden is looking great.

zucchini and cucumber now


Sweet Miss made zucchini tacos for dinner last night, and I’ll be picking a few before we head down to Oregon to help her move into her new apartment. The cucumbers are small and prickly, and the broccoli is a little behind from being over taken by slugs over and over again, but it’s going to be great.

Since you were kind enough to stick with me through this whole post, here’s a little Father’s Day hike bonus pic. The MR’s folks had turned back and my sweet sister-in-law was taking the photo. Perhaps it wasn’t the best hike for the 70+ crowd, but it was an adventure.

at cherry creek falls


How was your June?





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