I Picked These Just for You

Bright and early this morning, I wandered down to the garden with the dogs to pick a few cucumbers for a friend.

If you’re ever feeling sad and lonely, get a dog. Suddenly, you become the most amazingly interesting person in the world. Putting on you clothes each day is greeted with joy and excitement; a jaunt down to the garden is cause for veritable frenzy.

As I made my way back up with my bag of vegetables, Bogart and Cocoa started wrestling, and Bogart invited me to join in. I’m no fun, but that didn’t stop them from racing through the new flower beds leaving lillies and bark at my feet.

That gave me an excuse to dress up my table with the flowers they’d picked, my great-grandmother’s tea set, and an old silver tray.

flowers & blanket 003


These lillies were just too pretty to leave laying on the stairs. So thank you guys for picking them just for me.

flowers & blanket 004


I love how adding a centerpiece to our table saves it from becoming a catch-all. No longer is it the perfect place for mail, Baby Girl’s laundry, or all that other junk that stacks up throughout a day. Adding a little beauty keeps it nice.

In other news, me and the MR helped Sweet Miss move into a duplex with a bunch of her sorority sisters over the weekend. The truck was packed to bursting inside…

Truck backseat

And out.


It was almost 100-degrees when we were moving all her stuff to her second floor room. I was quite thankful we’d brought a lot of kitchen items and furniture that were meant for the ground floor living space.

I’m sure SM and her buddies will fix the place up quite nicely, so I’ll save pictures until they’ve had a chance to get settled. Me and Baby Girl will be visiting in a few weeks when BG registers for classes just down the road.

We made it home from Oregon late in the afternoon of the fourth. Happy birthday America! And happy birthday to Little Buddy!


I’d say he’s looking pretty good for 12 years old. We’ve noticed a lot more chewing on tennis balls over chasing them these last few years, but he’s still going strong. We love you Bo-Bo.

How was your holiday weekend? Anyone give you flowers lately?


3 thoughts on “I Picked These Just for You

  1. We enjoyed July 4th at the Livingston, Montana Art Show. We too had +97 degrees. Papa had lots of help setting up and tearing down due to his newly found hernia. Seeing the sight for 2 days, and then we are off to Kalispell, MT for next week’s show. We did NOT get your flu, but Papa felt a little yucky for a day. So glad that is over and done with. Really looking forward to seeing the pictures of SM new home. MeeMee & Papa

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