Windows Upgrade

Two weeks ago, our house was a hive of activity when we had window film installed on all the windows in the great room and eastern wall of the master bedroom. It was an all-day affair complete with scaffolding, ladders, a large team of guys, a photographer, and the original intallation expert who has walked us through this whole process.

Film Install Collage

The team of installers set up large rolls of window film in the portico. Then one fellow would wash the window, and the next would roll out the film. It made me nervous just seeing those guys up on the scaffolding.

In the great room, we went with 3M’s Prestige Series 40 on the top level of windows and 50 on the bottom, but I really can’t see a difference. You will notice when the french doors are open and the glass is doubled that the film is more apparent.

great room

In the master bedroom, the Prestige 50 was as dark as we could go since we have shades hanging up most of the time to help us sleep in a little later and to preserve the UPS guy’s delicate sensibilities.



Some people asked if the film would make the room really dark or make the sky look gray. I think it looks great.

Beautiful Color


At first, our rep explained that the the water used to affix the windows could cause excess moisture making the windows look hazy.

Over the SinkNo worries—this is the perfect time of year to install window film. With the dry weather and heat we’ve been experiencing, all the fogging has cleared up quickly.

Now for the big question: Was it worth it? Well…that’s a hard one. The temperatures have been 10-20 degrees higher than normal for the last few weeks. So it’s hard to gauge the reduction in heat gain. It’s just been really hot.

One huge advantage we noticed immediately was the reduction in glare. Someone wanted to watch TV on a sunny morning, and they could. No one had to grab sunglasses or hats to keep from being blinded by the sun.

We’re expecting milder temperatures over the weekend, and I’m looking forward to seeing if the films help cool our house down a bit.

The people at Brower Tinting and Graphics did a great job and were easy to work with. If they’re good enough to put film on the Space Needle, I figured they could handle our house.

They did invite a photographer out to take some photos to use in their promotions. If I see any, I’ll be sure to pass the word along.

How are you staying cool in the summer heat? Any good or bad experiences with window film to share?



5 thoughts on “Windows Upgrade

  1. Papa and I “beat the heat” by running around with no clothes on! No, not really, but it is way hot where we are now. I can attest that it was a great idea to install the window shading. I could tell the difference when we were visiting, especially when wanting to watch TV during the day.

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