Window Film Revisited

You know how you wait, and wait, and wait for photos from a professional to arrive, so you can upload a post on your new window films? Wait—I guess that’s just me.

Well, I waited for over two weeks, and then when I couldn’t wait anymore, I posted to my blog about the new window films with less than stellar pictures; because after all, they’d hired a professional who had promised to share his photos with me.  And then, a few short hours after I posted, the fellow sent me his wonderful pictures.

It’s fun to see your home from a different perspective. So even though it’s been done before, let’s take another look at window films.

The team did a great job of thoroughly cleaning the windows before applying the film.

Cleaning Windows



Then the film was carefully rolled into place.

Rolling on the film


All the edges were smoothed down.

Working on upper window


Have I mentioned that we have a lot of windows? I’m just glad I didn’t have to climb that scaffolding.

Scaffolding and workers


In this photo, you can just see scaffolding and ladders set up inside. house and yard


You get such a different view when you move down the slope to the tennis court.

House and tennis court

Look closely at the windows and you can see the color variation between the ones that already have film and those that are in the process.

house and dry grass


I don’t think these have anything to do with window films, but I like how Ben from Marketeering was captivated by Mt. Rainier, just like me.Mt RainierAnd take a look at the lovely reflection of the landscape on the master suite’s windows. It’s our one small patch of green.

Master window reflection

The MR found a bird’s nest in the top of the poodle pine. When he’s out on the little bench reading, an angry bird tick-tick-ticks at him. Perhaps he’s too close to home.

Thank you Ben for sharing your pictures with us. It’s always fun to see your home through someone else’s eyes.

And now I’ll leave you with a teaser for later this week:  Are your socks rolled like sushi?


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