Wascally Wabbits

I’m feeling a bit like Elmer Fudd out to get Bugs Bunny. Something is eating it’s way through my garden, and it’s not me. 

The broccoli heads are disappearing. 

And let’s not even talk about the bush beans. They were lush, and covered in blossoms, and then this. 

I found them knocked down with leaves torn off and blossoms missing. 

The MR beefed up the gate with extra wire. 

I cobbled together another surround with tomato cages and netting. 


But the bean plants continue to disappear before my eyes. I guess I’ll be heading to the u-pick farm for my fresh beans. 

Over in the orchard, the blueberry and currant harvest is winding down. We’re still waiting on the plumcots. They were supposed to ripen in late June, but they’re still hard as a rock. 

I looked up the variety online, and the color is totally wrong. We’re thinking the tree was mismarked. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Even after I thinned the apples earlier this spring, they are weighing down the branches. We’re looking forward to a banner harvest. 

The MR pounded in some stakes and wired up the branches. We’re hoping this will keep them from breaking before the apples are ready. 

One apple fell off during the project. It wasn’t really dry tasting, but we’re waiting a few more weeks to sweeten them up. 

At least the bunnies are leaving the orchard alone. 

How’s your garden doing? 


7 thoughts on “Wascally Wabbits

  1. We are so sad for you and your garden. Fortunately your have fresh produce for picking from the other farms in your area.

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  4. So it has been a couple of weeks using the Irish Spring soap in the garden……………….how is that working out? I have not seen our bunny since returning last week, but we now have a darling ground squirrel that loves our yard. We don’t have any vegetables right now, so he is free to wander all over……time will tell.

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