Windows, Pests, Moving, Water, Cooking, Knitting, We Covered It All in July

Since we’ve moved past the stage where contractors would tell us, if you don’t do some huge expensive job, your home will become unsafe, fall apart, cause severe damage, we have a lot less work going on.

Sometimes, all I want to share is the sense of peace I have when I wake to see The Mountain bathed in morning light. I was happy when a professional photographer was also captivated. You’ll have to check out his version in Window Film Revisited.

house and dry grass


Of course, he also took some much better photos of the workers installing the window film. Our Windows Upgrade has cut the glare dramatically. With temps in the 90s, we’re still feeling the heat around here, but just like our representative said, the haze from installation disappeared quickly.

This photo is the reverse position of the MR’s photo from The Power of Water.

grass and field


We have had a little rain this week, so the fields are sporting an undertone of green.

When Cocoa Picked Flowers Just for Me, I thought I was being clever creating an arrangement. Well, dogs aren’t good with details like making sure blossoms have at least a little stem. My flowers faded overnight.

After our initial trip, Sweet Miss has been getting settled in her new place. Me and Baby Girl were visiting for a few days last week, and we brought a lamp for her lightless living room, and a bike to help her get around town.

With BG’s blanket completed, she’s ready for college (check out The Tale of a Blanket and the Books that Got Me There). Not really—we haven’t bought anything for her dorm room. We have a few more weeks before she’ll find out which room she’s been assigned, but her roommate is going with a light blue color scheme. While I was worried about a third college orientation session in as many years, I did learn a lot about the place she’ll be calling home for the next few years.

BG & Blanket

I have been knitting and crocheting up a storm since finishing the dreaded blanket.  It just got to be a lot of green and yellow and white and green and yellow; you get the picture. I’ve finished two hats, a sweater, have another sweater to block, and am designing a boho top. It’s rather freeing to complete a big project.

And now let’s talk about the garden and orchard. We’ve been enjoying a lot of good food. I made cucumber soup last night that was yummy, and I don’t even like cucumbers. And this zucchini pie was delish.

corsican pie



Currants are tricky. We just don’t eat that many desserts; and currants are too tart for most anything else. Perhaps I’ll freeze them for a touch of summer this winter.

Currant bush

The July Harvest in the fruit and squash departments are going well. I have no idea what’s going on with the beans.  How do they go from looking like this?IMG_6402


To this? Is it Wascally Wabbits? We just don’t know.

protected beans

My sister-in-law suggested a wildlife camera. The MR says Target sells a greenhouse. Maybe it’s just not meant to be. Whatever it is has been munching on the zucchini and cucumbers, but we have enough of those to share. I’m hoping my tomatoes are safe.

And now after extolling the virtues of Getting Organized, and the Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, I’m sure you’re thinking I’ve finished with my clothes, moved on to books, and working on all those boxes of photos. It’s summer. I’m enjoying life, visiting Sweet Miss, helping BG get ready for school, walking with my buddy, I’ll get to it.

I do really like Marie Kondo’s philosophy of letting clothes, books, and trinkets go that no longer bring you joy. Then they have a chance to be useful for someone else rather than making you feel guilty.

Well, that pretty much covers July.

In other random facts:

  • Our new neighbors are digging a well. It’s 426 feet deep and still dry.
  • Our well seems to stop working during heat waves in July. We seem to have a 50/50 chance of that happening.
  • We chased 2 hummingbirds out in June, 2 small birds in July, maybe it’ll be robins in August.

We bought a smoker on our first trip to Oregon this summer. Do you have any great smoker recipes?




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