Old Time Charm

Back in the spring when we were planning our trip to Kansas, the question of where to stay popped up. This is our third trip to the midwest in recent years, and the last hotel was awful.

My older brother lives in a very small town, and my dad assured me the local inn was state of the art back in the sixties. Sometimes old and rickety can be charming, but my dad is a simple man. If it was too rustic for him, perhaps we should skip it.

I decided to check out AirBNB and VRBO (Vacation Rental by Owner). We could have rented a whole camp with bunkhouses and fishing, but we were going for a wedding, and it’s nice to stay close. I have to remind myself to remain focused.

I saw some studio apartments online, but you never know… My dad was headed back for a basketball tournament (one of my nephews towers over the MR and another one’s headed that way) and was able to tour the properties. He did not wax poetic about them, but he shook his head and said they were nice. I’d say that’s pretty enthusiatic praise from him.

So I went ahead and booked one for my younger brother and his family, one for my dad, and the last one for us. It was a little tight with the four of us sharing a studio apartment, but it was light years better than the hotel 20 miles down the road.


We stayed in the heart of downtown within walking distance to the local restaurants and coffee shops. The owners had a desk filled with coupons from the local businesses, so we enjoyed free coffee and chocolate on our tour of main street.



The owners are experts in historic rennovation using an eclectic mix of old and new furnishings and materials. We laughed at the clever use of pipes in the bathrooms and for the dining table.

Table legs

We enjoyed access to a full kitchen. It worked out great for storing leftovers and making coffee and oatmeal in the mornings—it may be a trip to Kansas but we’re still calling this a vacation.




The Edison bulb chandelier over the bed added lots of charm.

Bed & lights


Our sweet girls shared the pullout bed. Don’t you love this old wood art? Most people would just throw that stuff away, but they’ve made it into something fun.

Wood Art


The apartment featured masculine grays and blues with pops of cheery red to keep it light. I love the mix of plaid down-home goodness with Swedish florals. This wall clock just makes you smile.




This style might not work in our house, but we can all enjoy a little whimsy and a little color. And next time I’m headed somewhere, I’ll have to check AirBNB to expand my options. Who wants to stay in a dingy hotel when you can enjoy some old time charm?

Have you checked out other options when traveling?


2 thoughts on “Old Time Charm

  1. So happy that you too enjoyed the benefits of choosing NOT to stay in a hotel. We used VRBO in Livingston, MT and again in Kalispell, MT this summer. Both came with cleanliness, wonderful appointments, charming views, and super great hosts. Both were in remodeled garages, with the first one being unattached, in the back yard with a huge vegetable garden, a lawyer-single mom with a energetic 13th month old. We got to meet the whole family, and several friends while having wine in the garden. The 2nd was in a 2nd story garage, with 17 steps, however the son helped us take our suitcases up stairs, and we had use of one of the 3 garages to store our extra ‘stuff’. The view was of the woods (where we saw lots of deer, and the hosts lovely vegetable and flower gardens. The wife was a fabulous artist, delving in bronze, as well as painting, and pencil art. Both were super experiences that we look forward to experiencing again. MeeMee and Papa

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