Christmas in August

I used to see those Christmas in July ads and totally roll my eyes. Who wants to think about Christmas when you can take the kids to the park or hang out at the beach? We have months before we have to think about the holidays.

Then there was the year the MR coached soccer four nights a week plus games on Saturdays, and then there were the volleyball years coupled with all the back-to-school events and evenings of Calculus homework. By the time that was over, we’d be hosting 20 for Thanksgiving and getting ready to decorate for Christmas that same weekend.

Somehow all those cute projects I planned went by the wayside. So this year, I’m starting early. I planned on my own little Christmas in July post, but that time’s come and gone. You’ll just have to suffer through Christmas in August with me.

It started months ago when I made up a bunch of gift tags—no last minute scurrying around here.

Gift Tags 2


I’m rather in love with the goofy polar bears from Baby Girl’s Christmas pajamas last year. If I can keep on top of things, I’d like to make cute pillows and decorations in the polar bear theme. So far, we have gift tags; it’s a start. (You can check out my gift tag making tricks at Wrap It Up in Style. I’m not that tricky; it’s really just Heat-N-Bond.)

I’ve also been stock piling green ribbon for a project I knew would be wonderful. You know how you check out Pinterest and they have all these great ideas, and then you see something that’s cute but not quite right?

Well, I saw a really fun Valentine Ribbon Tree from JoAnn Fabrics.

Valentine Ribbon Tree

It’s cute, but I’m not really that into foofy Valentine trees. Wouldn’t this be even better as a forest of little green trees on the window ledges? I’d probably only need 30 or 40 of them. So like I said, I’ve been collecting green ribbon, and thinking about it for a year, maybe two.

Yesterday, I finally got busy. First I cut my ribbon into 4-inch pieces.

Cutting Ribbon3

Then I gathered my supplies out on the deck and started pinning.



That’s another bonus of starting Christmas projects now, I can work on them outside with a lovely view and comfortable temps. The project is truly simple. Just fold the ribbon in half and pin at the edges to a styrofoam cone.  Rubber bands came in handy as a guide when I was busy pinning in circles. They’re not perfect, but at least the rows are approaching level.

Tree in Progress Closeup


A few hours, a glass of wine, playing with the dogs, chatting with the MR, and I had these little lovelies.



I still have to decide whether they’d look better mounted on a glass or wood candlestick or perhaps a bit of wood. They might end up wonky and drive me crazy, so I might be better off leaving them as is. I also have time to decide whether I want to top them with a fancy gold star or keep them more forest-y with a green ribbon topper.

But hey, it’s August. I have time to figure things out. These babies eat up a lot of ribbon—more than 25 yards between the two of them. So if I’m really going to make a whole forest of trees, I need to buy ribbon in bulk. Styrofoam trees in bulk wouldn’t be a bad idea either. Again, I have the added blessing of time.

Who knows, I might even talk BG or the MR into trying their hand at tree making.  I’m sure they’d be experts.

Any Christmas crafting going on at your house? Are you ready for the back to school blitz?







3 thoughts on “Christmas in August

  1. The trees are just lovely, and so VERY worth you time to make them! I do believe that BG and MR would/could really enjoy making something so easy, that turns out being so very beautiful that they could be proud of their efforts. Just think of the wonderful conversations you all could enjoy. We are back from our 57 days of travels, and busy sorting the mail, tending to the yard while trying to stay cool in the 107+ temps.Having guests for dinner on Sat., and catching up on the events around our little town. Merry Christmas in August!!

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