Moving On Up

You know how you want your kids to grow up and make their own way in life? And then when they move out, they leave behind an empty room, and you miss them?

I was catching up with my uncle at my nephew’s wedding. When his grandson moved out, his son had set up exercise equipment into that room the very same day.

Sweet Miss did move down to Oregon back in June, and I’ve been telling her that her bedroom is going to be the new sewing room for months. But she was coming with her friends to visit, and the MR is talking about painters and new carpet, and I just wanted a space here she could call her own.

Sometimes you have to embrace the fact that life moves on. So yesterday, on Sweet Miss’ 21st birthday, I started cleaning, and vacuuming, and packing. She may have only lived here for a few months before heading off to college, but her room was still filled with the stuff of life.

You may be wondering why I’d want to leave my cute sewing room off the garage. (You can check it out here.) Well, Sweet Miss’ room is just one floor up, and almost the same size and shape. It has modern luxeries like heat and air conditioning. And probably the biggest draw is fewer issues with mice.

The MR routinely catches mice in the wine cellar, the garage, and the well room. Let’s just say, my sewing room is surrounded. I’ve found droppings in my yarn, droppings in my embroidery floss, droppings in my fabric. You get the picture.

The new sewing room still has a wall of windows, albeit shorter and fewer. Since the windows are lower, I won’t have to have my desk so high and will be able to sit down while I sew—another added bonus.

Wall of Windows


Often when Sweet Miss comes home, we have other visitors, so we’ll keep her old bed but place it flat against the wall to allow for more room.

Bed Dressers


Ages ago, we had a less vibrant comforter. I’ll have to track it down or find something new.

Along that bright green wall, I have big plans.

Bed Desk Dresser


A wall of built-ins would add a ton of storage and make good use of a small space. I saw this Ikea hack on Pinterest years ago from Domino Magazine.

Ikea hack


This looks truly amazing—tons of storage, a small footprint, and very chic.  I like the way the designer added mirrors to the doors to visually expand the space. Using the same wall color for the cabinets adds to the built-in look and makes it all flow together. Maybe we can even camouflage our weird angles.

Sweet Miss has a stash of things in the closet, so this would add storage for guests and for all my sewing, knitting, crafting, beading supplies.

For now, I’ve started cleaning and removed everything from the walls. In a perfect world, we’ll have room for the cabinetry and for a double bed plus my sewing and cutting tables. I guess I need to do a little measuring, too.

This room has big changes in the future. It will no longer look like Sweet Miss when she comes home, but I know she’ll find a warm and welcoming haven on her visits.

Making changes at your house? What did your kids’ rooms become when they left home?


3 thoughts on “Moving On Up

  1. Sounds like a big, but wonderful task. I remember being a tad ‘weepy’ in cleaning up after the kids moved out. Granny and Gramps still had lots of stuff in the attic of their garage that we didn’t remember till years later……as I recall we didn’t need any of it anyway. I am ready to ‘re-do our bedroom closets. We have been here almost 15 years and I didn’t care for the arrangements when we moved in………….now I am ready to tackle them. It way too hot here, and having to stay inside sounds like a great plan to get something done. Thanks for your inspiration.

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