Light It Up

I love the long, lazy evenings of summer with sunset past nine. Evenings on the deck enjoying the warmth of the day. Those days are slipping away. The sun goes down around 8 pm, and we’ve had a few days of rain and cool weather—better suited for a blanket and tea rather than a chat outdoors.

Before we know it, fall will be upon us, and we’ll need to turn on the lights in early afternoon. We have lots of  overhead lights in this house. With 40 some switches in the great room, this is not a point to be debated. But sometimes, it’s nice to have a lamp, a little lower, more focused, and more cozy.

Back when the interior designers were sketching out our living area, they added a few floor lamps. One we bought; the other we skipped for the moment. It was alright, but for $500 I’d like to be a bit more excited about something I buy.

So we’ve made do with this one we’ve had for years. The original lampshade was broken during a sleepover—think of eight girls in sleeping bags in a small living room. We’d replaced the shade, and it was perfectly fine at our old house.

Old Light


But it didn’t really match the modern/retro vibe we have going on here. I figured we had time to find something we liked. Well, I was in town a few weeks ago, buying yarn to finish a project, and happened to be just down the street from a lighting store.

While Seattle Lighting has a wide range of lights from traditional to modern, the George Kovacs Needle Lamp caught my eye. The MR gave it a thumbs up, and now we are the proud owners of a new lamp.

New Light

You can tell Baby Girl was super enthralled with my light and my photos. She did move her feet when they were in the shot.

While they didn’t have this particular lamp in stock, the store was able to order it from the Portland store and have it shipped up here free of charge. It’s on the MR’s way home from work, so he picked it up for me on Friday, and I put it together over the weekend.

I think it looks great behind the chaisse, and I love the Space Needle feel of the design.

New Light FTOS 2


This is one of my favorite places to sit. You can find me drinking my coffee, reading my Bible, and catching up on emails here every morning. So I’m looking forward to having a little light when the MR is watching sci-fi or action in the evenings. I can knit and pretend to pay attention to alien invasions and macho guys with guns.

New Light close


It’s a small change, but I like how it adds to the cohesive feel of the room.

Now I need to move on to the dining area, and the office area, and the entry, and the deck. Looks like we have a lot yet to figure out.

Making any changes at your house? How does your home change with the seasons?

(By the by, it’s me and the MR’s 24th wedding anniversary today. I’m enjoying living life with my guy.)


6 thoughts on “Light It Up

  1. Happy, happy anniversary to you both!!!!!!! I can certainly understand you “liking life with your MR”, as we too like living with your MR/our son!! We like the lamp very much, and the placement is perfect. A couple of months ago, we were looking for fabric to make a new comforter for our bed………..well………we didn’t find anything that just wowed us for our bed, but we DID find some lovely purple lushly thin and soft to staple to our 12’X5′ dining room table! It was actually a conference table for Jungle Jim’s Restaurant conference room, and we bought it at an auction.Really we wanted the shelves, but it came with a podium and the shelves and table and 2 office chairs. Anyway, it is an odd blue Formica with dark brown wood on the sides. We went home, measured and came back to purchase all we needed for $24!! Since our weather is soaring to upwards of 110+, this is a great time to find projects inside and start stapling this fantastic fabric to the entire 12/x5′ table!

  2. Oops I left out a key word regarding the fabric we are stapling to our table………it is vinyl. Also concerning you and your MR, I should have added a “d” to make the word liked in the past tense when your MR was our little boy.

  3. Long summer days are the greatest – but I don’t mind the fall and winter cozy times! You can tell when it’s colder outside in my space because the blankets and candles multiply somewhat overnight. Love your living room!

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