Ominous Skies

Sometimes life surprises you. We woke this weekend to strangely white skies. It wasn’t the bright white of a foggy morning that would melt away with the sun but a gray, pervasive white with menacing overtones.
smoky skies
Yesterday, 920 square miles of eastern Washington were on fire, and the smoke has blown across the mountains filling our skies. Last year when we were on vacation, the MR met a family who had lost their home and our waitress was frantic with fear as fires were headed towards her town.
Our prayers go out to the people of the west for safety, for rain, for the winds to die down. We are thankful to the firefighters, police officers, and the many nameless volunteers who are working to protect and serve.


5 thoughts on “Ominous Skies

  1. We too have had white skies with our 100+ temps however, our’s are from the California fires. Hope you get to go on your trip.

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