Wrapped in a Cloud

I’m not talking about the fog that shrouds our home in a blanket of white, or the smoke that’s blown in from the wild fires north and east of here. I’m talking about towels; crazy, awesome, luxury towels.
Now my mom worked for JCPenney for more than 30 years in the bed and bath department. Towels were something we were never hurting for. In fact, though she’s been gone for more than 10 years now, when Sweet Miss was outfitting her duplex, we visited Papa and he showed us a linen closet filled with towels for her to choose from.
I’ve never been that picky about towels; my mom would just give us a new set periodically. Then we moved here, and I had three full bathrooms to supply with towels. At our last home, the girls had always shared a bathroom with guests.
I thought maybe white towels would be a good choice for the guest suite. Oprah told her TV audience that all her towels were white; who am I to argue with Oprah? Then I began living with hard water coupled with a septic system. The towels were looking dingy, but bleach would throw the system out of whack. Maybe white wasn’t the best choice after all.
When the MR finished remodeling the bathroom in the girls wing, I thought bright blue-green would be pretty and picked up some fluffy towels at a discount retailer. They were soft and beautiful—perfect. Fast forward a year, and they’re showing runs and spots.
I decided to throw away my frugal tendencies and see what kind of fancy towels they have out there. I’m tired of looking at all those mismatched towels on our open shelves. (OK, so I probably should clean out and organize the rest of the shelves, but let’s handle one thing at a time.)

Best Messy

Towels are a simple luxury used daily; a little splurge wouldn’t hurt. After researching on Pinterest, I chose Cuddledown’s Daisy House bamboo towels in pewter. They’re a nice contrast to the white shelving, won’t show spots, and not as prone to fading as a navy towel would be.

They arrived yesterday.

Towels in a box

As I unwrapped each one, I made Baby Girl feel the amazing softness. I knew I’d gone a little over the top when she smiled, nodded her head, and told me yes mom, they’re very soft.  Sometimes I can get obsessive. I’d realed it in a little by the time the MR came home, but he had to feel them, too.

Enough about the the softness, how did they look? These babies cost too much for me to just blindly buy a stack of them, so I bought two of each. We’re testing them out first. Doing a little research, they’re not that much more than the regular price of towels at Penneys; I guess I’m just cheap.

New Towels 2

Nice, neat, tidy, they looked perfect. I swapped out the MR’s old towel for one of these new ones. He’d get to try them out first.

New Towels 3

Imagine my surprise when the MR told me as he was leaving this morning “wait till you take a shower”. That’s huge praise from my very low-key guy; he rarely comments on anything. I was almost convinced to hop out of bed and take a shower right then and there before the sun rose—almost.

A few hours later, after my trip to the gym, I was shocked at how absorbent these babies are. It’s like they suck the water totally away.

OK, so this is still the honeymoon phase; I haven’t washed them over and over again. I don’t know how they’ll stand up to regular wear and tear, but so far I’m very impressed.

The towels are 57% cotton and 43% rayon from bamboo. The label reads:

Indulge yourself in its supreme and unrivalled softness.
Experience its superior abosorption.
Enjoy day after day the comfort of pure natural bamboo fibre.

That’s totally the plan. If these pan out, I’ll be filling the bottom shelf with soft, absorbent, hard-wearing towels.

Who knows, maybe I’ll buy some for the guest bedroom, too.  Check out Cuddledown to see if they have the towels for you.

Do you have a favorite brand of towels? How about sheets? I’m in the market for them, too.


3 thoughts on “Wrapped in a Cloud

  1. Bravo. We need some new towels. In fact, I was just thinking today there should be showers for parents whose kidd are moving out. There are several household items that raising 5 kids work plum out. Also on my list, matching dishes and everyday silverware.

    • So true. When it’s hard to tell the difference between the towels we use to bath and the ones we use to wipe the dogs feet, I knew it was time. New dishes besides the plastic ones we use everyday and the old chipped ones we got for our wedding, we’d be afraid to use them! There are certain perks to having the kids grow up.

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