The August Recap

If I didn’t have this blog, I’m not sure I’d remember any of the things that happen in my life, and the stuff that makes it in the blog is just the half of it. August has been a busy month at the big white house on the hill.

I’ve fought with wildlife in Manly Yes. Irish Spring soap might keep me out of the garden, it’s certainly smelling up the laundry room, but it hasn’t seemed to keep the wildlife away. I moaned and groaned about animals eating my vegetables in Garden Envy.  I’d pulled up the poor remains of my beans, emptied the a bunch of seed packets, and surrounded them in netting structures, only to find holes.


Some readers have been concerned that the dirt is poor quality, this is a super-close-up, and I’ve boosted the color so you can see the tiny seedlings. I’m not having trouble with the seeds sprouting just having them torn up and eaten. I stuck a few rocks in the holes, and called it good.

Maybe I’ll just have to plant our pests least favorite foods. They haven’t bothered the asparagus and have only eaten a few bites out of the tomatoes.

chopped tomatoes

We have enough zucchini to share with all the pests, and they’ve mostly left it alone. I was able to send a bag of apples, tomatoes, and zucchini down to Sweet Miss when Baby Girl visited her over the weekend. If you have enough produce to share, it’s not all bad.

With our long weekend in Kansas for my nephew’s wedding, we explored a little Old Time Charm at our rental apartment. While it’s not really my style, it’s fun to get new ideas. The owner’s have taken what most would call junk and thrown out and turned it into something fun.

Wood Art

I like the way they’ve taken chances with their decorating and embraced their own unique style.

Baby Girl had a friend over the other night. This young one, looked at me with a smile and raised eyebrows. “Kim, are you making Christmas trees in August?” I just owned my craziness and freely admitted I was. I told her I was going to be busy in November, and now seemed like a good time.

Christmas in August has been going great guns. I ordered a ton of ribbon from PaperMart, I’ve used them in the past and they offer a lot of ribbon at a reasonable price.  Now I’ve gone from a few trees to a veritable forest.


Reasonable styrofoam cones are a little harder to come by, but I’ve picked up some on Ebay and at JoAnn’s with coupons. I’m excited for our new “woodsy” look for Christmas.

Moving on Up, my big plan to turn Sweet Miss’ old room into my sewing room, has stalled out. I’ve moved out a desk and a dresser, but we still have another dresser to go. And then me and the MR were talking, and he suggested new carpet and paint before moving my craft things upstairs into Sweet Miss’ old room.

I checked Ikea online and tried to figure out what wardrobes I’d need for the wall project and got totally confused. So for now, I’ve turned the bed sideways, vacuumed, dusted, and blocked a sweater upstairs. It’s a beginning.

We were talking to a friend of the MR’s the other night, and I was shocked when he started asking about my craft room. On his first visit to the house he’d noticed cobwebs and bugs in my room off the garage. He thought I needed a better area, and he didn’t even know about the mice.

When a man is concerned about your creative space, it’s time for an upgrade.  I know it’ll happen, but this one is going to take some time.

It’s kind of sad that we’ve only used our new lamp to Light It Up a few times this month. We’ve still been enjoying long evenings on the deck. Once fall arrives, it will definitely come in handy. Until then, it can just  stand around looking pretty.

New Light

Ominous Skies was my shout out to the people impacted by the wildfires in eastern Washington. An area roughly the size of Rhode Island was on fire a few days ago. I don’t know if our recent rainfall reached the eastern part of the state, but we’re hoping for the best in what’s being called the worst wildfire season in state history.

Finally, Wrapped in a Cloud was all about splurging on the everyday. When your towels look a lot like the ones you wipe the dogs’ feet with, it’s time for something new. It’s only been a few days, but if these bamboo and cotton blend towels from Snuggledown keep performing well, I’ll be adding to my collection. Two bath towels does look a little chintzy. If you figure out the per use cost, these’ll be less than a latte in no time.

New Towels 3

Now just for fun, I thought I’d share a few things that didn’t make it in the blog. The first weekend was my nephew’s wedding. The next weekend, Sweet Miss and her roomies road-tripped it on up. We did a little early celebrating for her 21st birthday. Then me and the MR went out to dinner in honor of 24 years of wedded bliss.

The last week has been a flurry of visiting with old friends, celebrating the MR’s 30th high school reunion, picnics, more birthdays, and a marathon shopping trip to outfit Baby Girl’s dorm room.

Oh, and if bees are buzzing all around your umbrella, they’re probably up to something.


The MR buys a lot of wasp spray. It hasn’t been very effective with the stump on the slope by the orchard. The MR throws dirt on it now and then, and I’m just avoiding it. Oh and me and Baby Girl have both enjoyed a plucot (apparently plumcot is trademarked). In case you’re wondering, it was delicious. Next year, I’m planning on more than six—if only our tree cooperates.

How was your August? 






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