Tons of Tomatoes

With all the sunshine, it’s been a good year for tomatoes. Unfortunately, the recent rains aren’t helping them ripen and are causing them to split.

big tomatoes and romas

I’m not sure if these big guys are yellow or red tomatoes. Maybe a few days on the counter will give me clue. They seem to be turning redder overnight. So with a little patience and a little luck, we’ll be enjoying sweet tomato goodness.

I chopped up some of the romas for a tomato salsa fresca the other night. I’ll just have to keep picking to keep them from going bad on the vine.

What are you enjoying as harvest winds down?


3 thoughts on “Tons of Tomatoes

  1. Crazy weather does crazy things to our harvest. Alas, with so many days of 105+ weather, our tomatoes have wilted on the vine. Your’s are beautiful however. Wish we were there to help you eat them.

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