Now That’s a Gully-Washer

After nearly two months without rain, our ground is parched.  Maybe that’s why the recent storms left the driveway such a mess.


It looks like we’ve put together our own braided stream for some kind of giant geology experiment. Driveway maintenance is a constant effort around here.

When it rains, the MR rakes the driveway and makes sure the drains haven’t clogged. In autumn, he’s busy blowing the leaves off the road, and all summer he battles the blackberries and other plants to keep the it clear.


At least he always has two willing companions to keep him company.

Who knew a driveway would be so much work?

What task keeps you busy every weekend?






2 thoughts on “Now That’s a Gully-Washer

  1. Your Mister is just like his father. He loves to keep things neat and tidy, especially out doors. His leaf blower is his best friend, and he uses it almost every day. The hard, the fountain, the patio always look beautifully clean and debris free however, sometimes his frustration is evident as the afternoon winds blow again in the desert.

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