The Lake House

A few weeks ago, we drove over to Lake Chelan for a few days off with our sweet girls and their friends. Since this is a nearly annual trek, I suggested to the MR that maybe we needed a place of our own on the lake.


With all the maintenance at home and our love for travel, he wasn’t eager to add a vacation home to the mix. Rentals abound at Wapato Point, and we would miss the joys of mini-golf and volleyball matches.

The past few years, we rented different houses—each with its own special character. This year’s shingled, charmer boasted a row of adirondacks for reading and enjoying the view.


I was totally in love with these detailed ceilings. They’re way to fussy for our home, but I love all the moldings.

Ceiling 2

I need to remember to put away my purse and travel bag when I’m taking photos.

I also miss the simple joys of having a bedside table. Our sleek, built-in platform bed makes them difficult for our master suite.bedside table

This traditional dresser, and old-fashioned chair shout comfortable cottage at the lake.

crisp white dresser

I think we need a mirror by the front door, if only for the beautiful reflections.

Entry mirror

We had a restful week of reading, relaxing, and playing cards in this sweet, getaway home.

The back patio

It wasn’t as warm as some years, but the haze from the wildfires held off until the last day.

Haze 2

Don’t you just love the dew on the grass? It makes me smile every time.

Does your family have a favorite place for relaxing?




4 thoughts on “The Lake House

  1. We have taken big family vacations almost every year for the last 20. I think we have only gone to the same place twice. Once because we were going to see some friends that had moved to the area and once I did because I wanted to show my husband (the first time was a mom, daughter, aunt trip ). We have always had the philosophy there is so much to see. With kids all grown, I am working on DH to see that we can just get away now for long weekends. Of course, we don’t have as much to choose from as you guys. I love the water!

    • New places hold such great surprises. I was pushing for the peninsula this year (towards the WA coast), but my girls love tradition… I think sometime this school year we’ll head for the OR coast an hour from the girls’ schools. Maybe we’ll luck out and find a place that takes dogs.

      • My kids are very traditonal, too. If I change.something up, I am in trouble. Lol. I so love the Oregon coast. Will love to see what you choose. We have settled on Eureka Springs AR. I do like the Ozarks in fall. Give me a beach though….

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