The Beauty of Wisdom

When me and the MR go on vacation, we take long walks and discuss the landscaping stealing ideas for what we might like at home.

A few years ago, we were inamoured with Russian sage. Wouldn’t it look great on the hillside? The MR bought seeds, they sprouted and we moved them to gallon containers. Then all winter, I was tripping over plants in the sewing room.

I moved them outside, covered them with a garden blanket, and they died. Our visions of bee balm and sage growing in wild abandon on the hillside were quashed.  But just a few weeks ago we were in Chelan, and next to the patio sat this beautiful specimen.

Russian Sage

We’ve always liked Russian sage, maybe it was time to give it another try. Instead of growing plants from seed in the fall, the MR bought actual plants—not tiny bareroot stock.

We’ve had fairly good luck with transplants this year. Unfortunately, some of the plants the landscapers put in aren’t deer resistant. These New Zealand impatiens were all the same size when they were planted. Two of them just get a lot more pruning from the wildlife.


On the other hand, deer don’t seem to like sage at all. The herbs we planted three years ago are huge, and the pineapple sage by the steps is thriving.

pineapple sage

We thought clumps of Russian sage next to the wall would soften the look and add some color to the hillside. Since it’s drought-tolerant, we don’t have to have sprinklers on the hillside; and let’s be honest, this time of year, there’s no shortage of water.

RS up close

I know it’s hard to see the sage amongst the weeds, but I have faith it’ll grow even in this rocky soil. Maybe I’ll have to go out with my hoe and clear a few dandelions.

RS circled

The MR also moved a few crocosmia bulbs from over by the deck. Can’t you just picture it? Tall, silvery-gray stems adorned with purple flowers backed by red, spiky blooms.

Our bee balm from the past few years has died, but we could a little of that into the mix, too. Before you know it, our rugged hillside will be a thing of beauty.

What are you planting this fall? What would you do with an overgrown hillside?





3 thoughts on “The Beauty of Wisdom

  1. The his is going to look even more lovely with the new plants. I bet they might live in our yard too! Am going to pull out the tomato plants today, and as soon as it gets slightly cooler (we are still in the high 90s) I would like to plant some peas. I did not realize until recently, that we have two planting seasons here in the high desert! Whahoo!!

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