New Chapters

After 21 years, my job description is changing. We moved Baby Girl to college, and suddenly we’re empty-nesters.

On Wednesday, my car was filled to the brim with all the necessities of dorm life. When Sweet Miss moved away, we had a minivan plus her car; let’s just say quarters were tight on that five hour drive down to Oregon.

BG in the car

We spent the first night visiting Sweet Miss and The Fella. The next morning, it was an hour drive south for move-in day with thousands of incoming students.

Thankfully, BG is on the second floor of her dorm—only two of the dorms on campus have an elevator. And her roommate’s minifridge was a better size for their cramped quarters. One less thing to move up those stairs.

It took a few hours, a trip to the bookstore, and plenty of problem solving to establish a little order.

On Bed

Using the upright folding method—think hanging files rather than stacks—I was able to get seven pairs of jeans, six pairs of jean shorts, and four pairs of yoga pants in one drawer. Go Mom!

My obsession with neat and tidy did cause a little trouble. I received a text the next morning asking whether the bed set came with a top sheet. It does look neater with everything tucked in, but it can be difficult to navigate when it’s late and your roommate is sleeping.

Baby Girl attended her first day of classes today on the start of an amazing journey.

And now after 21 years as a stay-at-home mom, I  have some time to reevaluate my life and take on some new challenges. Tomorrow, I’ll be turning 49 and this is going to be a great year.  I’m excited to be sharing it with the MR.


I can’t wait to see what’s in store for all of us.

Wishing you joy and strength as life’s changes come your way. 

(Also wishing my dad a very happy 76th birthday. We love you Papa Willy!)





7 thoughts on “New Chapters

  1. I am so happy for the two of you to begin this wonderful journey. Welcome to the club of empty – nester-ism. To be alone, with no timelines, nobody waiting for dinner, or doing that extra pile of laundry, or running “just a quick errand for me”, or having to make a quick decision of “yes, or no, or you are not every one else, and it is not happening”, The fact that it is just you and your MR, does take some getting used to however, as it can also be a little daunting, and lonely, with so much time to fill, especially at the time you would usually be preparing meals for the many with allergies, or likes and dislikes, or the extra BFF that pops in, also with the allergies, and likes and dislikes. So sit back, relax, hug each other often, because you have raised two kind, smart, compassionate, friendly, charming, loving, beautiful young women……………..who will always, no matter what their age, still be your babies.

  2. I am so happy for you two, but also sad in a way. I know our time of empty-nesters will be here before I know it. Enjoy your new chapter & have a wonderful birthday tomorrow🎉😊

  3. I know exactly how you feel, at this point a little lost. I do however promise you that by Christmas break she will be antsy to get back to her new life and you will be ready for her to go. This is a wonderful time for her because she is learning how to navigate life on her own now. I, like you, raised two incredibly smart wonderful human beings and I cried my first day back when both of my kids were away at University and I didn’t know how my adjustment would go, but each day that goes by it gets a little easier until it soon becomes your norm.. You will soon discover how much you are enjoying it just being you and the hubby and how much fun it is re-discovering one another again. Congratulations on having two great kids in college, you did a great job Mom!, now sit back and enjoy the ride.

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