September Potpourri at Our House

You never know what you’ll read about when you stop by here. In September we covered plants, gardening, maintenance, knitting, harvesting, winemaking, decorating, and moving on. Sometime I wish I were a little more focused.

We’ll get knitting out of the way, since that’s the MR’s least favorite part. Sometimes he just skims those posts, but they really speak to truths that relate to other areas of life. Knitting Weather talks about learning something new. Whether it’s reading a book, taking a class, or listening to a podcast, we can all benefit from another’s expertise. The Power of the Block encourages you to take that extra step that turns something from good to great.


We all want to finish well in knitting and in life.

There’s nothing like homegrown produce. We enjoyed Tons of Tomatoes on our trip to Chelan in quick and easy pico de gallo. They also attracted a ton of fruit flies, but that’s another story.

big tomatoes and romas

In other harvest news, we’re trying our hands at The Age Old Art of winemaking. After letting the “must” froth for a few days, we ran it threw the juicer. That may not have been the wisest choice. We had seeds flying everywhere and some fairly thick wine.

But we had this whole plan. The MR ordered pie weights, since we didn’t have enough wine to fill our container.

pie weights

We boiled the weights, while we were removing the skins and seeds from the must. Then we put them all in our special jug with the cool valve on top.

wine in jug

Sometimes things just don’t work out. It was time for Plan B. The MR drilled a hole in the lid of our old jug, and the wine went back into the 2-quart container that we started with.

wine in 2 quart 2

The directions say you don’t want any air in the container, so we made sure it was good and full. So much so, that the gas valve on top was filled with wine by the next morning. I don’t think they meant that full, so we drained off a bit. And now we wait. In another nine months, we’ll see what’s what.

I talked about The Beauty of Form and The Beauty of Wisdom—sometimes I get on this weird repetitive kick. No, I wasn’t talking about myself, I was talking about plants of course.


The MR planted some Russian sage along the base of the retaining wall across the stairway from this beauty. Next year, we’ll have flowers and plants to soften the edges and start taming the overgrown hillside.

Rain can be a major pain. We had A Gully-Washer early this month requiring plenty of raking.


Rain also seeps into all the cracks and crevices on the deck. In order to ensure Firm Footing, we had the deck recoated and those soft spots fixed while we were on vacation; my apologies to the housesitter. We did get back in time to chase the dogs away from newly painted stairs. Just look how the deck sparkles in the sun.

Deck corner

Our Baby Girl has left us for the joys of college, and we’re all entering New Chapters in our lives. I know she’ll be learning amazing things this year.

BG in the car

And me and the MR we have big plans, too. While I didn’t talk him in to buying a Lake House, I just might talk him into some new deck chairs. These adirondacks were so nice to lounge on in the afternoons.


They might be a bit too traditional for our place, but we’ll find something. I’m tired of moving chairs from one side of the deck to the other all summer chasing the sun or escaping the heat, depending.

What were the highlights of your September? 






One thought on “September Potpourri at Our House

  1. I love that you are always so busy, and give us photos as well as words to prove it!! As for us: Papa had his hernia surgery and is all better and back to doing out door stuff. He found that most of his water and drip system needs repairing (don’t know if it was the extreme heat, or all the ground hogs that have set up residence around the area where he has set up his bird feeders.Another, due to the heat, is I have been inside and have cleaned out, and arranged all our closets, made some of those Christmas trees out of Styrofoam and ribbon, painted our 5/x12′ dining room table top with chalk board paint, and today I am making a new huge bedspread for our King size bed from a full bolt of wonderful fabric friends gave us!! It is teal and gold with a pattern of ‘eyelashes’ (fuzzy pairs of eyelash looking fuzz) It will require introducing a new color to our bedroom, but Papa mentioned wanting to do that before, so all is good. Knowing you are having a great adventure!! Love, MeeMee

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