Sad Goodbyes

This past weekend, we said our goodbyes to a wonderful lady. My sister-in-law and friend for life’s mom died in September, and we attended her memorial service.

She was a fiesty lady who with a smile and a laugh made everyone feel at home. Her pastor said the three most important things in her life were her family, her friends, and her faith. That’s a wonderful legacy.

I remember years ago now, my sister-in-law wanted to stop by the old house with her mom to check out by garden. Well, I was a little nervous. The MR was in charge of a majority of the landscaping, and my garden wasn’t always growing the way I wanted it to. I saw weeds and patches euphemistacally called “natural areas”.

After showing her the honeysuckle covering the pillars of the front porch, I pointed out a corner where nothing wanted to grow. It was too cold, or too shady, or too wet—just plain too something whatever that was. She knew just the thing. She had a shamrock plant with pink flowers that needed dividing. It would grow great in this spot.

Sure enough it did. I had a large clump of green shamrocks boasting delicate pink flowers before we moved away. That’s why I was so happy to find a shamrock plant in her collection of houseplants to take home as a reminder of a sweet lady so full of life.

shamrock 002

It will also remind me to take those extra steps to make my family feel loved, to make my friends feel special, and to put my faith first.

Take time to treasure the ones you love.



3 thoughts on “Sad Goodbyes

  1. What a lovely idea to give to others items of hers that meant so much to them. She was, as you described, a very fun and funny, warm person. It was my privilege to have met her.

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