The Color of the Season

Each season of the year has its own special feel. On windy fall afternoons, the eagles circle the valley. Storms blow in, and sometimes if we’re lucky, sunlight pierces the gray.

Afternoon Sky 2

The MR put up an outside heater a few years ago, so we can sit outside and enjoy the sunset even on these cool fall days. It’s truly a beautiful place to be.

How do you wind down your day?




3 thoughts on “The Color of the Season

  1. I have always loved making dinner, when the family, guests, friends come in from their day and sit around and talk in my kitchen. It started when we had kids, and they would get hungry around 3:00 PM, and as I was thinking about starting dinner, they would be snacking on vegetables, fruit, nuts etc., and it was a great time for fellowship with them. So, I began making it a point to be in the kitchen when they came in from their play and from school, and do their homework around the kitchen table. Then their Dad would come in and we all would be sharing their day as I made dinner preparations last for 3 hours! That wasn’t always easy, so I would do some hand sewing, or folding the laundry, anything to be there, so if they wanted to talk, I was ready to listen. I loved when our daughter would sit on the counter between the stove and the sink and we would talk, up close and personal. Great memories of fellowship even to this day.

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