All That Goodness

Over the weekend, me and the MR put the garden to bed. We pulled up the zucchini plants and tomato vines, dug up the potatoes, pulled the weeds, and added some worm castings.  Now it’s all ready for fall.

I had turned the last of the tomatoes into tomato-basil pasta sauce.  Unfortunately, our basil plant isn’t doing well, so I was forced to pick some up at the store. How come I always end up with too much?  The next step usually is to let the herbs sit in the fridge until they turn into green sludge and then give them to the worms.

That’s why I was so excited to see a recipe for tomato salad with basil dressing. You see, somehow I’d wound up with a few extra tomatoes as well. It sounded simple, so last night I gave it a whirl.

Just mix fresh basil, rice vinegar, a little sugar, a little honey, a clove of garlic, and some oil in a blender till smooth. The original recipe showed tomatoes and cheese artfully drizzled with dressing.  Have you seen those Pinterest fails online?  Well, me salad looked like something Shrek might have thrown up.

Basil Dressing

Actually, that green goo was quite tasty. Perhaps I went a little far in the emulsifying phase.

Now, I have fingerling potatoes—not nearly as many as I’d hoped for—waiting to be eaten, and tons of fresh herbs waiting to be dried, then I’ll be done gardening till spring, or late winter when it’s time to start seeds, or next month when the seed catalogs arrive in the mail. OK, maybe there’s always something to do in the garden.

If you want prettier pictures and exact amounts on that dressing, check out The Cafe Sucre Farine’s Sweet Basil Vinaigrette.  It really is quite good.

What have you been cooking up lately?




3 thoughts on “All That Goodness

  1. I am very excited about our garden that I just planted. I have lettuce coming back (a rabbit, or a ground chipmunk ate the tops until we put a net cloth over top), the thyme, and mint and dill are flourishing, as are the peas and basil. I have tried to keep the basil plants I bought at the grocery store going, but they always died. I think the secret to this year’s basil is I bought it at the Walmart garden nursery, and it had never been in the refrigerator like the ones in the produce dept. have been.I did plant it in soil, so that too might have made a difference rather than keeping it in the pot in which it came. Anyway we have been enjoying almost daily salads of fresh spinach, basil, mint and a fresh pear, all chopped up together. The first one we drizzled oil and rice vinegar over top, but we now prefer to use no dressing at all. We have served it to company, and they love it too. Not sure when/if our winter garden will have to be “put to bed”, but if we have a mild enough desert winter, it might last all the way through. to Spring!

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