Last week, I mentioned in passing that we were checking all those fall maintenance tasks of the list. The MR bought a compressor and blew out the sprinkler lines, we cleaned up the garden for the winter, and I went through the worm bin.

While fall may not be the best time to add amendments to the soil, the bin was past due for me to empty a few trays and check on my worms.  One thing became hugely apparent as I went through the bin. Something was missing—namely worms. I saw a few tiny worms, a few giant worms, and nothing in between.

Usually the trays are teaming with red wigglers, but they’d disappeared. I don’t know if the bin got too hot, the trays were too wet, or the worms were tired of eating my food scraps; but whatever the reason, the worms were gone.

I like turning food scraps into fertilizer and not worrying about wildlife digging through my trash cans, so I went on Amazon and called in reinforcements.

It took a week, but Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm came to the rescue.

Bag of Worms

Maybe I’ll have to be more careful in the future when I empty those trays to make sure I keep plenty of worms in the bin working hard.  These are by far the most low maintenance pets I’ve ever had.

How do you recycle your food scraps?



3 thoughts on “Reinforcements

  1. Well, this is a hard question………mostly we eat the leftovers for lunch the next day, but there are some other ‘scraps’ that we put down the garbage disposal, in preparing the meals. Since we like the ‘edible skins’ there just does not seem to be as much that goes down the drain. However, there are just the 2 of us these days. I would think that you might get in touch with our ‘logical Rachael’ and see what she does with her worms. I will contact you on your email. MK

  2. Now I’m pretty sure you don’t eat lettuce and apple cores… Sometimes I wonder if the worms wound up with too many coffee grounds. With the girls gone, I’m doing a lot less cooking. Thanks for putting me in touch with Rachael. Maybe she can figure out what happened.

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