Lending a Hand

I wasn’t planning on sharing this post. It was just something I thought would be nice for our family to support. But then, a blog I’ve started following shared about putting together comfort kits for the homeless. I was encouraged and inspired. If they’d kept their message to themselves, I wouldn’t have felt called to do more…so here goes.

Our family has always supported food banks and local shelters. When Sweet Miss was little, her girl scout troop held neighborhood food drives, and for a few summers they rented a pea patch and donated the produce to the food bank at the local Catholic church.

We’ve supported Union Gospel Mission’s holiday suppers and sent financial donations to local food banks. Last summer our small group at church brainstormed ideas for serving in our community. Someone mentioned the need for sack lunches for kids during the summer months. Children who qualify for free lunch during the school year are suddenly without that support when classes let out. While the idea totally resonated with me, I had no idea how to implement it.

That’s why when I read about power packs on our community Facebook page, I knew this was something I wanted to be a part of. Basically, teachers and staff at local elementaries identify kids whose families are struggling and may not be able to feed them. Volunteers put together breakfasts, lunches, snacks, and drinks to cover a weekend. These are bagged up and sent home with kids who might otherwise go hungry.

The idea of kids in my community doing without when I’ve been blessed with so much breaks my heart.

So the other day, I made a trip to Costco, and Target, and Safeway and started putting together “power packs.”  My one-gallon storage bags didn’t come close to holding a weekend’s worth of meals and treats, so I went to the local drop-off store to find out what others have done. Apparently, you can use old grocery bags or whatever.  Waste basket liners provided the solution.

Our local Valley Power Packs has a Facebook page with a link to a sign-up program. I volunteered to help meet some of the need for the next two weeks and dropped off the bags cluttering up my dining room the other day.

Power Paks

Me and the MR both feel strongly about giving back to our community and helping to feed the hungry. If we’d had trouble feeding our children, I would have been thankful for those willing to help.

I don’t know what you feel passionate about, but I’d like to encourage you to take that step, reach out, and make a difference.  Who knows what little seeds of good you’ll plant,

So many of my friends are making November a month of thanksgiving with daily thankfulness reminders.  Along with being thankful, I want to give others a reason to be thankful.  I know you do, too.





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