Sh! It’s a Secret

Back in October, I put together care packages for my sweet college girls. Along with treats and gifts from our recent trip, I included some thankfulness cards for them to fill out for our annual Thankfulness Tree.  They could bring them home and add them to our collection.

The MR has added some very nice cards in the past, but hanging thankfulness notes on a tree isn’t really his thing.  I was figuring the tree would be kind of sparse looking by the time Thanksgiving rolled around, and I’d need them for reinforcement.

So of course when we visited last week, I asked about the cards and how they were doing.  Well one said she’d filled out a few, but the other firmly stated that with work and school, she was too busy to be thankful.  Hmm, I didn’t want to argue about thankfulness, so I didn’t point out that a little bit of it can put the stresses of life into perspective.

And I certainly didn’t mention that I hadn’t even made my Thankfulness Tree or written any notes myself.  It’s been rainy and nasty, and I haven’t wandered the woods finding just the perfect bundle of sticks covered in moss to cluster in my vase. I’d sent them all the blank cards left from last year, so I wasn’t filling them out either.

So yesterday, with a little break in the weather, I meandered down to the bottom of the meadow.  After cutting a bundle of sticks, I remembered the bush next to the driveway that always seemed to have more shapely branches in the past.  It’s not my prettiest Thankfulness Tree, but it will serve its purpose well.


I went back to Tater Tots and Jello for their free printable, and now I have some catching up to do.

So here’s my thankfulness list so far for November.

I’m thankful for:

  1. My sweet handsome man and the 24 years we’ve shared together
  2. My dad and the MR’s folks who are still living happy, active lives in their 70’s
  3. Weekends away with our sweet girls
  4. And long phone calls with them to catch up
  5. Our goofy dogs who make me laugh and keep me company
  6. My new job surrounded by yarn and the people who love it
  7. Hugs from preschoolers that make teaching Sunday school so worthwhile
  8. A roof over head in the midst of storms
  9. A loving God who cares about me
  10. Sweet friends to gather with on Wednesday mornings
  11. Museums, lunch dates, and shopping trips with friends
  12. Pedicures and laughter with people I love
  13. How my little brother always makes me smile
  14. The kindness of strangers
  15. The wonder of a baby and new life
  16. The simple pleasures every day brings

OK girls, I’m all caught up.

Hoping your life is filled with the joy of thankfulness now and every day of the year.


4 thoughts on “Sh! It’s a Secret

  1. I’m thankful for you and your blog! You make me laugh and make me think about life and family. Love your writings and sense of humor.

  2. Oh my dear daughter-in-law, I send your lovely words to several people you don’t even know, and they love your blogs as much as Carol and I do, I guess they are just not relaying it to you. However I do know that my friend Cathy did send you her feelings regarding being ’empty- nesters’. I think it had something to do with “feeling like newlyweds’. Since we are having 10 for Thanksgiving, I too am going to make a Thankfulness Tree! I am excited to ‘share the wealth of being thankful’ I am also putting your Christmas presents in the mail today, with instructions to open it on Thanksgiving Day, or as soon as possible there after……………depending on the snail-mail.You will understand why after you all open it. Top on my list of being thankful is for our children and their families. MeeMee.

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