Country Living

City drivers complain about traffic, potholes, and construction.  While we have to deal with some of those, we have some added problems out in the country.

Me and the MR came home to this lovely sight last night.


When you and the deliveryman are the only ones to use your driveway, you get to clear it.  While the chainsaw isn’t working, the MR used an ax, a saw, and some elbow grease to get us both home.

With trees down, flooding in the valley, roads closed, and many people without power, I’m thankful we just had a little road work to take care of.

Winter storms getting you down?



4 thoughts on “Country Living

  1. Actually, that picture you took of the road is beautiful! I think it should be framed and hung on the wall, or maybe a large poster were be the best way to display. We have not had any storms, other than the extreme wind we had when we were coming back from a wedding in Reno, NV. I do hope the ‘boys’ are prudent, and use good judgment regarding their fishing trip and the weather there.

      • I would truly love to start one in Mesquite. Rachael has been going to them all year, and LOVES it. How do they start, and what do you do, and what do you pay? It is so fun to see everyone’s painting as how they saw the one to be copied.

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