A Creative Weekend

There’s just something about a sunny day that lifts your spirits and brightens your outlook.  Life in general just looks a little rosier. Perhaps it boosts your creativity, too.

With a few days of sunshine amidst the gloom, I’ve been enjoying making all sorts of things.  When we were visiting Sweet Miss and Baby Girl earlier this month, we went to the store for weather stripping and wool socks and somehow  wound up surrounded by Christmas decorations.

Sweet Miss was holding up cheap stockings, and I was saying “Oh, I can make those.”  Why do I say these things?  I had plenty of red flannel, red felt, and red velvet to choose from.  A quick online search and I found free patterns for stockings with fancy curly toes and pointy trim.  Since I was making six of them and embroidering names, I decided a simpler version might be the wiser choice.

I used the pattern from Fleece Fun and got to work.  Maybe I should have watched the tutorial, but eventually I ended up with these for Sweet Miss’ mantel.


I’m rather sad that I don’t get to show off all the embroidery, but initials will have to do for privacy’s sake.  Since I used felt, I decided a rustic raw edge would fit perfectly.  It’s fun to think of my girls decorating their own space for the holidays.

There was a definite holiday theme to my creativity.  My sweet sister-in-law has introduced our family to the idea of making a holiday craft when we gather together on Thanksgiving.  This new idea has stuck over the years. Since I am hosting, I decided I should put together a craft, too.  I was looking at wool and silk roving at work (I’m putting in a couple afternoons a week at the local yarn shop) and did another computer search to get some ideas.  Simple and easy are the key words.

Echoes of a Dream designed beautiful angels from roving we could whip up in minutes.  I loved the sheen of the silk roving.  Unfortunately, my first attempt was a flop.  The white silk roving just doesn’t have enough body to hold the shape of the ornament.  So I bought some vibrant hand-dyed roving with plenty of loft.  It worked up beautifully.  With a lot of back combing, I managed to get the silk angel to work, but wool is a lot less hassle.

Roving Angels

I followed Echoes of a Dream’s directions exactly except for placing the wings first and then the arms.  I find that I like making the angel with its face up, so it can smile at me.  Let’s hope my Thanksgiving guests are up for the challenge.

If you’re local, I’m offering a make-and-take class at Quintessential Knits on Saturday, December 5, from noon till 2 pm.  For $5 you’ll be able to take home a lovely ornament for your tree.  Just remember your comb if you’d prefer white over vibrant angels.

All this craftiness doesn’t have to take place at home.  For years I’ve wanted to attend a Paint & Sip event, and Friday I finally got the chance. From across the room, when you squint just the right way, my holiday forest doesn’t look half bad.


It was a fun evening with friends offered through our local art center.  I was surprised to see how very different each person’s painting turned out.  It was as if we were all painting a different variety of tree.

I have turkeys to roast, beds to make, and rooms to air out.  Hoping to be back on Wednesday with a Thanksgiving greeting, but if not I hope you’re holiday is filled with love and the joy of friends and family.

P.S.  This is a freebie cooking tip for everyone getting ready for turkey day. Toasting your flour on the stovetop over low heat for half an hour turns it a wonderful brown and gives great color and flavor to the gravy.  I’ve always disliked the anemic look of poultry gravy.  If you’re gluten-free don’t use potato flour—it’ll just taste and smell like burnt french fries.

Are you getting ready for the holiday season? Does sunshine get your creative juices flowing?





3 thoughts on “A Creative Weekend

  1. Yup, Papa and I love waking up to sunshine in the MORNING, and that is one reason we decided to move to the Nevada desert! I really liked the angels, especially the colorful ones, and making a craft on Thanksgiving for Christmas is SUCH A GOOD IDEA!! I have not been making crafts, but wrapping presents to put in the mail next week. We are already decorated and I improved on my Thankfulness tree with one that I can keep all year long, and will invite visitors to add to it, if they care too. It is made from loosely corkscrewed, and pretty long dried sticks that I have had in the living room for years in a big terracotta pot. I cut the white thin cardboard into 2 inch, squares, and put a hole in each one, on a corner, and they are easily slipped over the sticks. I LOVE the look and the good feeling I will have of having so many thanks displayed for others to read and perhaps remember to add to their own blessings. Thank you for your inspiration. Happy Thanksgiving!! D.I.L.from your M.I.L.

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