Thankful for November

November started and ended in the same—a weekend with our sweet girls.

Now that the kids are off to college, we’re talking about Revamping the Upstairs, but so far, it’s mostly just talk. I’ve picked up paint chips, and I’ve rearranged Sweet Miss’ old room. We had a great weekend with them wandering campus, attending a football, reliving those college days.

Back home, we were putting together food packs for kids and families dealing with hunger. One in five children in Washington are part of families struggling to put food on the table.  This is one way we’re Lending a Hand in our community.

A few weeks of rain kept me inside, so my thankfulness tree was a little late in making an appearance this year. Although I said Sh, It’s a Secret, Baby Girl caught me out.  I’d sent the girls thankfulness cards in their care packages, so she’d been filling them out before I even had the tree set up.   November is a great time to remember all the blessings in your life, and I like this tangible way of doing it.


The branches were full by the time the month ended.

While sunshine is streaming through the windows at the moment and we’ve enjoyed a string of clear days, we’ve also had a lot of rain and wind this month. As always that results in fallen branches and sometimes downed trees.  We had four on the driveway one week.


At least they were fairly small, since the chainsaw wasn’t working. And the MR came home early that day, so I didn’t have to deal with that particular joy of Country Living on my own.

My Creative Weekend spilled over into our Thanksgiving celebration when I forced the guests to make angels out of roving.  Actually, other people were putting the pressure on to participate.  Roving Angels I do believe there’s a learning curve. The MR’s looked a lot like Rocky if he were an angel, and my neice’s definitely came from peasant stock.  It was good practice for this weekend when I’m helping people make them at the local knit shop.

I had a question about the knit shop. So yes, I have started working at Quintessential Knits in Duvall two afternoons a week. I’m basically a salesclerk ready to answer questions and sell yarn.  Next year, I hope to lead some classes on blocking and finishing. It’s a low-key job in a cozy, friendly shop with lots of nice people that gets me out of the house.

Now for all the behind the scenes stuff that didn’t make it into a post.  The MR, his dad, my dad, and one of my brothers all went fishing down in beautiful Cabo San Lucas.  They were after marlin but had to settle for mahi mahi which makes for really good eating.


I haven’t seen my dad smiling like that in a long time.  The MR came home without catching anything, but he’s already making plans for next year.

For Thanksgiving we hosted an eclectic mix of friends and family numbering 15.  I learned all sorts of lessons/reminders:

  • It’s a lot less stressful to iron the napkins the week before instead of the day of your event.
  • Check your tablecloths to make sure they don’t clash with the new area rug you bought last January.  The week of Thanksgiving, a lot of stores will be running low.
  • Count those water glasses before the big day.  Just because you should have 18, doesn’t mean you do. Glasses have a way of breaking over the years.

I bought flowers and the MR bought flowers; poor communications led to tiny bouquets in canning jars tied with ribbon scattered down the tables along with candles and gourds.

The table

We ran our dining room table and the folding table together, so no one was relegated to the “kids’ table”.  My dad showed up with tiny bobbing turkeys from his trip to Mexico.  The MR brought home a handful of bobbing animals, too.  Those soft-hearted men can’t say no to the sweet, little children selling them.

Table setting

Thanksgiving weekend wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the tree farm. We tried a new place (Ronnei’s) that we hadn’t been to before.  It was just down the hill from our house and had a ton of really tall trees.  We were going for medium-sized, but somehow we ended up with huge.  When your tree dwarfs your over 6-foot husband, it might be really big.

Tree Farm

Sweet Miss’ Fella made short work of cutting it down.

The Fella

And we were home in plenty of time to watch the Oregon Civil War.  Baby Girl’s Ducks beat Sweet Miss and her Fella’s Beavers, but it was a good fight.

Sunday, they returned to school and life went back to the new normal.

The Girls

In just a few weeks, they’ll be home for the Christmas holidays and all sorts of excitement.  I’m looking forward to more adventures.

How was your November?  





One thought on “Thankful for November

  1. Our November was super. Dec. is looking good too. Expecting 50+ for a party at our home at 5:00 today. then working at Cowboy Christmas for 10 days next week. Then on the 19th my neighbor who is also an artist, and myself and 2 other artists are having a Christmas Boutique in the neighbor’s car port, from 9:00 AM to 12:00 noon. We are decorated, and all my presents are mailed!! And I am ready to continue celebrating the birthday of Jesus. Merry Christmas!!!!! MeeMee and Papa.

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