Rethinking My Plan

Do you ever come up with a plan that’s going to be fabulous, you work, and work, and work, and when it’s finally done, it’s just meh?

I’ve been working on cute little ribbon Christmas trees for months.  (Remember Christmas in August?)  Well, I have 30 of those silly, little trees now.  I’d envisioned a forest of trees on the upper windows.  They’d look cozy and add a touch of whimsy to our Christmas decorations.  Instead, they’re quite underwhelming.

Trees in Window

You may be asking yourself what’s going on with the plumeria. Well, when we were decorating the house, Sweet Miss and Baby Girl focused on the tree. SM offered to work on the bookcase, and then took back that offer because I’d just go along after her and change everything. Yes, sometimes I’m that kind of person.  So I’m trying to show my strength of character and ability to let things go and leave her self-dubbed ’70s disco ball tree.   I have children; I am embracing the weirdness.

Instead of a forest of tiny trees, we have a few stragglers here and there.  We have 17 upper windows, and as it stands we don’t even have enough to replicate this meager level of fullness throughout the room.

Instead of forcing this to work, I took a deep breath and went for a change of plans.  There’s power in grouping things together.  I think the bookcase needs a little makeover for the season.  I added bits of Christmas cheer, clustered the ribbon trees on top, and it looks quite festive.

Bookcase forest

When we were decorating for the season, I realized that although this is the third official Christmas we’ve lived here, we have all new furniture and a totally different layout.  That means we’ve been figuring out all over again where to put the holiday glitz.

I’m in desperate need of a few more pillows.  Remember all my planning and goals of having everything ready ahead of time?  That’s not quite what’s happened.  I have managed to get one pair of Christmas pjs completed, but Baby Girl told me the other day that she doesn’t want pajama bottoms, she’d like a Christmas mumu.  Hmmm, I’ll get right on that.  I’m thinking it’ll resemble a nightgown rather than a Hawaiian tent dress.  Alas,the sewing machine calls.

How’s your Christmas decorating going?  Have you had to rethink your plans?





4 thoughts on “Rethinking My Plan

  1. Great job rethinking. Now that you can see how many more you would need to make it work, you can always create more for next year! They are quite cute! I thought to make stocking like my grandmother did fir the new members of our family (3) way too late to get them done, but have started. Will just keep working and they will have them next year. A little irritated with myself for not thinking of it this summer, but life proceeds.

  2. My 3 cone trees looked just great on our dining room table for our party on Dec. 1. I chose 3 different sizes for ‘the reason for the season’, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I am thinking that your re-doing and putting them closer to your eyes was a great idea as your windows are just soooo big, that they dwarfed the trees. Nice try however. Perhaps clustering them on your coffee table would be fun as well…………..oops, I am sure that would NOT work with your curious puppies who might have plans for them as well. Just knowing how many hours you worked on them was surely a gift of love that made you happy for many hours. MeeMee

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