It’s the Season

It’s that special time of year. You know the one I’m talking about. It’s the season when our river view property turns into lake view.


Roads close, traffic haults, basements flood, and foolish people are rescued as they check to see if their cars can float. One bridge has remained open, so we haven’t been reduced to island status just yet.

Say a prayer for Sweet Miss and her Fella they’re headed home tonight. The road between here and Oregon has been filled with landslides, road closures, accidents, and torrential rain.  We’re hoping it’s all cleared up by the time they head out.

Baby Girl made it home on the bus Tuesday, so we’ll soon be back together for a sweet holiday season.  Christmas pj’s are in the bag. I have all sorts of projects that may or may not get done, but I’m looking forward to some family time.

That means it’ll be hit and miss around the blog.  Sometimes you just have to prioritize.

The sun is rising, and it’s a beautiful day.


Hoping blue skies are headed your way (and ours, too).





2 thoughts on “It’s the Season

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