Wishing You Joy & Peace

This year for our annual December trip, we took the kids to Roatan.  Yes, you heard right; it’s a small island off the coast of Hondoras—get out the map.

The last few years, we’ve spent a week in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, but we decided to try somewhere new. Baby Girl, Sweet Miss, and her Fellow joined us (after four years of hanging around, we figure he’d paid his dues).

We enjoyed sunsets, snorkeling, and that laid back tropical life for a week. Now we’re home, and we have cookies to bake, presents to wrap, and that last bit of shopping to do.  I love having a bit of down time in the midst of the hustle and bustle, but somehow I’m never as put together as I had hoped for when we get back.

Here’s wishing your Christmas is filled with joy and peace and that you’re surrounded by the people you love.

Merry Christmas from the Big White House on the Hill.

Tropical fam




5 thoughts on “Wishing You Joy & Peace

  1. That is a great, great Christmas card. Glad you are home safely, and hope the zipper purses worked as I had intended them to. We have had parties, dinners, visits and had time to see Star Wars, and put on a Christmas Boutique last weekend, and going to friends for Christmas Day. So glad we are staying in our own town, instead of traveling during Christmas. Merry Christmas and a safe and sane and successful, healthy 2016 MeeMee and Papa

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