The Contrast of White

We’ve been adding a little white to the upstairs.  Now once upon a time, the whole house seemed to be white, except for the horrible carpet, and I said we were getting rid of all that white…

Well, we erased a lot of white when we had the downstairs painted and added warm touches with new rugs, pillows, and furnishings. But sometimes what you need is a little white.  Just look how a dusting of snow brings out the colors in the landscape and defines the edges of the lawn.

Snow Day

The sky seems even more brilliant contrasted with the clouds and layers of fog, and just look at those majestic evergreens.

Fog & Clouds 2

So while the MR isn’t painting the walls white, he did give the ceilings a fresh coat to brighten things up.  We don’t think the walls have been painted upstairs in the last 20 years, and they are looking a bit dingy.

White Ceiling

It’s a little sad, but we’re saying goodbye to the chalkboard wall.  Me and the MR just aren’t in the habit of leaving each other messages.  We also aren’t painting upstairs the same colors as down, but they’re all in a similar vein.  We bought the paint from Sherwin Williams but chose the colors from a Benjamin Moore palette—don’t ask me why.  That being said, the ceilings are Simply White, the walls Classic Gray, and the chalkboard wall will be Indian River.

The MR has painted the ceiling in the hangout room, the sewing room, and the bathroom, and began edging on the stairs.  I’m not sure how far he’ll get this weekend.  We have big plans on Saturday to help my dad pack up his house which will cut into time for other projects.

I’m looking forward to fresh, clean, bright walls set off by a little white.

Any painting projects at your house? Where do you like to use white when you’re decorating?



2 thoughts on “The Contrast of White

  1. Well, Papa has been removing, by painting over the white in our multi colored living room. Last year, or 2, he painted the dining room, and living room wall all the way to the front door………..except when he painted the wall with the window by the front door a Dijon mustard. This year he painted both the Dijon mustard wall behind our bed, and the Dijon mustard wall by the front door the same teal he had painted the wall where the 2 sliding doors are by the lanai and the fountain. We then decided that the remaining white by the larger front window and around all the terra cotta colored walls of the entertainment center wall looked like they could use some sprucing up, and toning down with the same gray paint. It worked, and brought the whole ‘great room’ together! It also looks like it has brought a new dimension of 2016 into the room!! I painted the terra cotta accents the first year we were her, 15 years ago, and it still looks great, and now, looks like it belongs. It is amazing how just a little……………or a lot………….of paint and some spare time, can make such a large and happy difference to a 25+ year old home. Love and possibly spring is in the air!! I have to admit, that I am sad to see the chalk board wall going away (especially since we have painted our dining room table and hutch in black chalk board with red trim this year) but it does make quite a huge statement in the hang out room, and it surely did meet its purpose for a few years. LOve, MeeMee

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