Make It Mod

Sometimes you get up in the morning and start typing away on the computer and realize something’s wrong.  Maybe your surge protector and modem are fried, your satellite is on the fritz, and Downton Abbey didn’t record.  That was my Monday.

The MR overnighted a modem and put everything back together last night, and now my Monday post will be even better on a Wednesday morning with all the anticipation that’s been building.  So without further ado:

When you spend a large chunk of change on furniture, you might relax on the details for a little while.  Take this planter for instance. It’s not really our colors anymore, but it looks fine behind the cozy fireplace chairs.

Planter Behind Chair

Ug, after I de-Christmasified the great room, I forgot to add the blanket and pillows that warm up this space. Its always something.

But let’s move in closer. If you turn the corner and take another look, it’s far from pretty.

Old Planter

I don’t know who’s been scratching and clawing on it, but this pot has seen better days.  There’s also the fact that it was transplanted flush with the top of the pot, so you can’t ever thoroughly water the poor thing.  This plant has been struggling for years.

With that in mind, I asked the MR for a new planter for Christmas—romantic, huh?  Now, this was a splurge, something I wouldn’t normally spend that much money on, but since it was a present I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask. Our house could take an infusion of cool, sleek, and modern.

So last weekend in the midst of our sunny, dry spell, I grabbed my new planter, some worm castings, and our plant in desperate need of a new pot.


OK, so the MR doesnt like it when I get the deck dirty, so I took a picture here and then muddied up the stoop off the laundry room. This is a much prettier setting

And before you know it, it was all back to normal.  The pots were actually the same size, so I trimmed the root ball a bit, added some fertilizer, and new potting soil.  I’m hoping this fern will experience a growth spurt with all that extra TLC.


Currently, my new plant stand is a little hidden.  I took away the small table the old pot sat on.  Maybe we’ll have to do some rearranging so my Christmas present gets the attention it deserves.


It’s exciting to be able to start adding some fun details.  Just the simple wood plant stands are available on Etsy.  Maybe I’ll buy some plain pots and order a few stands at a more reasonable price.

What details make you smile?



4 thoughts on “Make It Mod

  1. I think that instead of ‘saving’ the plant, you deserved to plant that outside, and give the brand new pot and stand the compliment it deserved and purchase a lush NEW plant. Trust me, it will NOT get its feelings hurt, and the fantastic home you live in deserves fantastic additions, not struggling, scraggly plants. I am still loving my chalk board dining room table, and my new coasters from Rachael and Tobin and Sammy made from tiles they painted with alcohol paint…………..or, paint with alcohol in it. They are very festive and fun. Happy New Year.

    • The fern would probably die outside, and I’m happy to give it another chance. It already is looking better.

      At my work Christmas party we took a class and painted trees using alcohol paints. They’re a special type of paint with really unusual qualities. It was quite fun. I was thinking coasters made out of some of the old tiles around here would be fun. Great minds think alike.

      • Great, you are a ‘plant lifesaver’, and just because it cannot speak for itself, you saved it, and the plant is feeling happier already. Yes, making those colorful coasters, is a really happy touch to a room. You could even paint it on any tired looking plant pots, for a really great new ‘mod’ look..

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