I remember when we were expecting the girls.  We were hopeful and excited anxiously anticipating our sweet babies

Recently I learned that babies aren’t the only thing that take nine months to arrive.  We have a lemon tree; a two-and-a-half-foot-tall lemon tree to be exact.  Our tree blooms in the winter, it sets some fruit, we watch them for awhile, and then they drop off.  We’re not expecting much.

That is until now. The tree has managed to hold on to two of its lemons, and they’ve grown, and they’ve grown, and they’ve grown.  Now why would two full-size lemons decide to grow on a branch smaller than the diamete of a pencil? I don’t know.  Perhaps the tree has heard of the little engine that could…

The MR found a paint stir stick and is using it to support the overstressed branch.


We’ve had our eye on these two for months, and I was beginning to think they’d just hang out there forever.  A little Google search revealed that we might be reaching the end.  Under proper conditions, it takes six to nine months to ripen.  Our short winter days may have stretched out the timeleine.  I could swear we were watching these two last April when we left for Hawaii.

Perhpas I should look into the definition of “proper growing conditions”.  Maybe it just needs a little fertilizer, a little more light, or longer days.  For now, we’re just anticipating that someday we’ll have a harvest.  At this rate, I’m glad the grocery store is just down the highway.

Any luck growing lemons?  How can I turn them yellow?



3 thoughts on “Anticipation

  1. How exciting for you, and congratulations on your 2 new babies!! It seems a shame to eat them soon. Are you sure they are lemons and not limes, that will always be green?

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