River Views

Me and the MR enjoyed a rare winter afternoon out on the deck yesterday.  Our warm weather hangout doesn’t see much use this time of year.

It’s not just the rain that keeps us inside; when the sun sets, it just too cold. Winter has opened up our view of the river. With the leaves gone, we can see both loops of our meandering stream.

River View

I was talking to my dad the other day and realized I may have given my readers a wrong impression.  My aunt had asked him if the river was still flooded. I posted pictures months ago; our river usually floods for a few days at most.

Let’s go back to my Geology 101 class and get a little technical.  The Snoqualmie Valley is a large U-shaped valley, with an underfit stream, carved out by glaciers thousands of years ago.  We have a lot of these valleys in this part of the country.  We do have standing water in the lowlands currently after receiving several inches of rain last week, but the roads are open for the moment.

So Aunt Doris, flooding is an intermittent problem during the rainy season (especially when coupled with warm temperatures and melting snow-pack), but we’re certainly not trapped all winter long.  Thank you for your concern.

That’s not to say the ground isn’t plenty wet.  Our silly dogs make the most of an afternoon of leisure outside.  Bogart sits and chews on his toys, but Cocoa goes off exploring and comes back sopping wet and smelling strongly of dirt.


It’s the price we pay for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

How do you escape winter weather?





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