Rethinking Light

After living in a place for a while, you get to know it’s quirks.  Some rooms are quieter, others are cozy, some are open and bright, and others feel a little dark.  It’s just the way it is, right?

Well, maybe not.  The great room with it’s massive amount of windows has always felt open and airy, and basically the rest of the house has seemed kind of dark.  I didn’t know whether it was the lack of windows or the lighting, but the bedrooms and upstairs seemed to lack in the brightness department.

Then the MR started painting the upstairs.  Next thing I know, large boxes are showing up on the porch.  He’d ordered packs of LED bulbs to replace the ones upstairs and in the guest room.

Holy cow! What a difference that has made.  Maybe it was simply getting rid of the old light bulbs caked with dust—we have no idea when they were last replace—but now you can actually see in those rooms.

Who knew changing the feel of a room could be as easy as changing a light bulb?  That got me thinking.  I’ve shared with you the story of how the fellow who built this place had to buy repositionable lights after turning them on in the great room the first time.  It looked like some crazy disco with lights scattered everywhere due to the angle of the ceiling.

Well, sometimes I’d like to knit instead being cozy on the couch, and a little light is essential.  So wouldn’t it be nice if we could reposition one of these lights just a little.


A spotlight for knitting seems like a truly good thing.  Now we just have to figure out how to reposition that light without having to buy a really tall ladder and without breaking any lightbulbs.

Speaking of lightbulbs, the new LED bulbs can be pricey, but watch for deals.  The MR bought them on Amazon and the four-pack which was listed for $140 he picked up for $40.  Sometimes your local power company offers rebates and discounts for energy efficient bulbs, so check for ways to save.

I think it’s time to replace the bulbs in the master bedroom next.  I do like a bright cheery space.

Any simple changes for big impact at your house?






6 thoughts on “Rethinking Light

  1. Ours had to do with too much glare from the very white stucco wall that ran along the back yard and behind the fountain. The glare from it made it hard to see outside when we were any place in the back of the house. One day Papa decided to paint the pillars that hold up the roof of the patio that runs the length of the house, a really dark dark green, and plant Cat’s Claw at the base of each pillar that grows up the pillars and now covers the entire ceiling. It was beautiful, and really cut down a lot of the glare. Next he painted the entire wall that same dark green and it is fantastic, plus it frames all the landscaping he has worked so hard on. This spring we are going to put in a raised veggy garden, that will soften the look of all the cacti that are getting bigger and bigger.

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