Building Up and Tearing Down

Despite all the wet weather, we’ve started planning for spring.  It’s the perfect time to evaluate what’s working, what isn’t, and what we can do about it.

The MR pulled out the nectarine that was short, stubby, and plagued by disease almost from the time we planted it three years ago.  The little tag on our Semi-Dwarf Fantasia Nectarine called it one of the new promising varietes for the Pacific Northwest; in our orchard that did not turn out to be true.

He replaced it with two new trees that he bought online. We’ve had good luck so far with the flowering plum we bought that way and are hoping these will thrive as well.  They don’t look like much, but give them time.

BU New Nectarines

That’s not all that’s happening in the orchard.  Remember when the MR put up netting to keep the birds away from the grapes, blueberries, and currants?  Well, the stormy winter has done a number on it.  Currently, it’s a tangled mess, but some new netting is on order.

BU Fallen Netting

In other gardening news, last year squirrels or something was ripping up all my vegetables and driving me crazy.  I figured maybe it was time to get rid of the two decorative beds and devote a little more real estate to this endeavor.  I’ve started removing the stones—did I mention these guys are heavy? BU Garden

At our last house, I’d stopped using a large part of the garden because neighbors’ trees were shading them for all but a few hours of the day.  The MR figured I was just losing interest and that these beds would be adequate, and they might have been if nearly all of our harvest wasn’t torn up or eaten by varmints.  We’ll have to find another use for these decorative stones.  Currently, they’re blocking the access to the well for a vehicle via the tennis court, so this is just a temporary resting place.  Perhaps we can put in some beds nearer the house and enjoy some of that ambient heat.

BU Garden Closer

If I want to plant a few token potatoes in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, I’m going to have to get busy.  I’m thankful we have sun in the forecast for the rest of the week.  I know I talk about the weather a lot, and I hate to be a whiner, but we have had over 11 inches more than average for the months of December, January, and February this year; that’s 24 inches rather than 13, if you’re counting, and yes we still have a week left in February.

Some of those strong rains have been watering the flowers, and we have daffodils blooming everywhere.  I noticed a few bent over on the driveway as we pulled into the garage, so I brought those poor beaten down blooms inside for a cheery bouquets to brighten a rainy day.

BU Daffodils

Are you getting ready for spring in the garden? Any plans big or little?


One thought on “Building Up and Tearing Down

  1. We are getting ready for Spring, and building an elevated garden (just like yours) next to the patio however, we have to replace the patio that is attached to the house . Evidently even though we live in the desert, putting plastic under the tiles is not a good idea at all. And after 25 years, there is moisture and the tiles are popping up, or buckling, and since this is the 3rd time it has happened, we have been told (by the same person that has worked on it 3 times before) that this will just keep happening. So since this is our forever home, we have asked for a bid, and he is coming back tomorrow, with tiles to see if we can sort of, kind of match what we already have. More later as the saga unfolds..

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