The Dreaded Yeah Buts

Sometimes in life, you’re in a hurry, you know the right way of going about things but you don’t have the time or the energy so you just wing it.

Now and then, it all works out; other times, those short cuts leave you in the lurch.  Let’s remember back to Christmas time.  The girls were coming home, gifts need wrapping, projects needed finishing, and we were headed out of town.  Now it’s a given that I need something to do on a plane ride, preferably a simple knit or crochet project that I can work on while listening to a book or watching a movie.

I am a huge proponent of gauge.  Why make a beautiful sweater and have it turn out the wrong size?  Yeah-but, this was just a hat.  How far off could I get with a limited number of stitches?  It was nice and stretchy.  I’m sure it would fit.  Time was running out.  We were leaving; I didn’t have time for gauge.

Oh Kim, foolish one, I just went for it.  I dropped down a few needle sizes since I knit rather loosely and had it almost complete after the long plane ride.  Then I tried it on.  It was a little tight, but maybe my sister-in-law’s head is smaller than mine.  It’d be great for all those early morning walks she make to Starbuck’s, and I had a gray one in a different pattern for my brother.  It was going to be perfect—or not so much.

The silly thing was too tight and popped off when she tried to wear it.  I told her not to worry, bring it back, and I’d fix it.  Now that the silly thing was done, I checked to see just how far off I was.  I hadn’t used the Skacel yarn called for in the pattern.  This Malabrigo was a brighter truer red that I thought she’d like better.  Maybe it was the smaller needles, maybe it was the different yarn, but the diameter of her Christmas beanie was a little over 14 inches rather than than the 18 that the pattern said it would be.

It was time to rip it all out and start over.

YB Hat unraveling

With a new beginning, I decided to use the Chinese Waitress Cast-on, I’ve been learning new techniques lately, that makes a nice chain-like edge and is wonderfully stretchy.  I bumped up the needles size and checked gauge after an inch or so.

I probably should of made a swatch, but the Yeah-buts die hard.  I mean after all it was just a little hat.  Luckily, this time around, I was on target.

YB Hat Finished

I’m hoping this beanie will brighten some blustery morning walks.  I’m pretty sure it won’t be popping off any time soon.

A little forethought and planning beats out excuses every time.

Do you get caught up in the yeah-buts?  Any projects going wrong or right?

(The Traveling Cables Beanie was featured in Skacel’s Fall/Winter Magazine 2015 and is a free pattern on Ravelry.  I purchased the Malabrigo Rios in Ravelry Red at Quintessential Knits.  It’s available at many local yarn shops and is wonderful to work with.)


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