Magic Powder

Last week, I spent Friday morning at the Sewing Expo in Puyallup.  Me and a friend of mine have been attending for years. In the past we’ve been very organized, signed up for classes, and knew exactly what we wanted to see.  This was more of a wander and explore kind of day.

We were inspired by some very creative spring fashion shows and spent plenty of time checking out all the vendors.  We cut our day a little short so I could meet up with the MR and head on down to visit the girls.  Six dark, rainy, traffic-filled hours later, we were at our hotel, picking up the kids, and heading off for a late dinner.

The next morning, Baby Girl saw the giant, bright red shopping bag they’d handed out at the show and asked me what I was making; she knows her mother well.  Rummaging through the bag, she admired my summer top pattern—I’m going to try my hand at mixing prints—and wondered about the rest of the stuff.

That’s when I told her about the “Magic Powder”.  It fixes rips and tears; you can use it for hems, basting, applique, and much more.  The lady demoing it made gashes in beautiful fabric simply disappear.  I knew Baby Girl had a pair of jeans in need of some help, but I’d forgotten about Sweet Miss’ horrible day when her favorite jeans ripped and the zipper broke on a matching pair (cause if you actually find a pair of jeans that fits and looks good, you have to buy another).

Before we left for home on Sunday, Sweet Miss ran out with her jeans ready for fixing.  So yesterday, I gave it a try.

Since I bought my  magic powder at the show, I got a special deal: a jumbo size bottle, a large silicone pressing sheet, vinyl repair goo, and a DVD for just $25.  So did I watch the DVD so I’d know exactly what I was doing?  Uhh, no; that might have been the smartest thing, but who cares about directions?

I started with Sweet Miss jeans, since the tears were in less obvious places.

MP SM Jeans before

It was simply a matter of sprinkling the areas with powder, applying patches, covering them with the silicone mat, and ironing on high.

MP Repair Collage

And how did it all turn out you ask?  Not perfect, but much better.

MP SW Jeans After

Perhaps trimming the frayed denim would have made the patch less obvious.  I tried sprinkling a little of the powder on the outside to get a smoother surface, but that made the area a little shiny and a slightly different color.

Unphased, I moved on to Baby Girl’s jeans with a large tear near the zipper.  I trimmed away the white frayed threads, cut up some denim threads in a matching color, mixed them with powder, and placed them in the ripped area.  Then it was a matter of repeating the process I used for the first pair of jeans.  I sprinkled, covered with a patch and then the protective sheet, and then ironed on high.

MP BG Jean Collage

Here’s the finished product.


Again, not perfect; the lady at the show isn’t going to lose her job any time soon.  But neither of these jeans were wearable before, and now they’ll pass.  I’m tempted to add a little zig-zig to smooth them down; we’ll wait and see.

Of course my two biggest critics are still at school for a couple more weeks.  Good luck with finals girls; I hope I’ve passed the test.

Have you had luck with any special deals from the fair or festivals? Are you intrigued by those late night tv deals?

(Contrary to popular belief, this really isn’t magic powder it’s Bo-Nash Fuse It Powder.  It’s a mouthful, and I think my name is more catchy while less descriptive.  Fusible Powder is available online, at Walmart, Joann’s, Amazon, but it’s more fun to buy it at the Sewing Expo with your buddy.)




5 thoughts on “Magic Powder

  1. That’s very clever! I might need to look into this, but rips and tears seem to be the “thing” in our house right now.

    • We may be past that. Sweet Miss has to look professional so people feel comfortable with her teaching their children.

      I do remember Baby Girl and bunch of her buddies upstairs scraping their jeans with scissors to get that distressed look.

      Aah the joys of fashion.

  2. I think maybe the instructions need to be read, and the dvd viewed before any more patching is done. While it is okay on the jeans, I do not think it would be good on a new silk blouse.

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