Blossom Time

I remember as a student springtime in the Quad when the cherry trees were covered in masses of pink—term was almost over, spring break and good times would soon arrive.  Later as a group of moms, we would put our kids on the school bus and smell the sweet scent of blossoms as we strolled through the neighborhoods walking the dogs and sharing our lives.

Now, blossoms signal the oncoming spring and the hoped for harvest.

BT Orchard Blooms

Our three plum trees and the plucot are all in bloom, and the MR assured me that bees and insects where about their business of pollinating on Saturday afternoon.  The pears and apples are just on the cusp of bursting forth, and I saw a few tiny blossoms on one of the new nectarines.

I love the beauty of these delicate flowers.  If the rain would stop, perhaps we could have a picnic on a sunny afternoon and enjoy the fragrance and dream of the delicious fruit that will come.

BT Plum Blossoms

I remember as a newlywed being leary of the pears on the tree in our front yard.  Out near the street, they looked misshapen and had strange spots; these weren’t like the perfect specimens I bought in the store.  But after seeing the mailman stop and pick a few for an afternoon snack, I decided to give them a try—ambrosia.

Before long, I was picking pears and plums by the bucket, and making jam with my mom.  I’ve been a fan of edible landscapes ever since.

Have you tried your hand at fruit trees or berry bushes? What signals spring for you?



3 thoughts on “Blossom Time

  1. Beautiful photos. Funny thing, it has always been asparagus in the grocery store that signal spring to me, and Easter and rebirth after the winter.

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