Now That’s Art

Last month when we were on vacation down in Sedona, we dropped into an art gallery after a morning of hiking and shopping.  The curator was a warm and friendly soul who welcomed us with a large glass of wine and chatted with us for hours.

We found a beautiful painting that would be lovely hung over the bed and were so close to buying it.  Perhaps it was the $5,000 price tag, or the over-sized dimensions, or simply that the MR is a practical man, but we left without making the puchase.  When we arrived home and had measured our space, it was clear the painting just wouldn’t work.

With all the windows and the light, we’ve noticed fading on pictures and pillows and have tried to keep our prints in protected arreas out of the sun.  That means we have a lot of blank walls and that the entry is a bit crowded with art.

Over the holidays, we hang up Santa pictures over the console leading from the entry, but for the rest of the year, it’s a blank wall.

NTA Blank Wall and Console

I’m just not a blank wall kind of person.  Even on sunny days, this is a fairly protected area out of direct sunlight.

NTA Blank Wall

And as you can see, it’s highly visible from the great room.  It’s the path I take to coffee and the kitchen every morning.  It needs a little help.  But does it need expensive art help or everyday prints from the big box store help?

That’s when I had a wonderful brainstorm.  Now getting my guy to head out of an evening and go to an art opening doesn’t seem likely, but pushing a button online is totally his thing.  Etsy has thousands of independent shops and artists with amazing items; maybe we’d find something we’d like.  Uhh, maybe we’d find tons of things that we like.

So a couple weeks ago, the MR came home from work and I had a bunch of original art that I’d selected as favorites for him to look over.  We scrolled through them and before you know it, they were on their way to our happy home.

Now, I want to caution you to watch out for details.  I failed to notice that one of the pieces we bought was coming from Hungary as a rolled canvas.  We’d looked at the extra cost for shipping and for stretching the artwork on other paintings but had totally failed to check out this one.

The painting arrived quickly, in great condition, but required stretching, and due to the size (3×6-foot), it was around $100 to have it stretched.  I did go to an art store, that would have to special order the stretcher bars, and would give me tips on how to mount it, but we’d already spent enough money that I didn’t want it to be some sort of learning project.  It’s going to look great over our bed, but these are costs that need to be factored in.

The other was coming from Nevada and was delivered to our front porch and on the wall in one short week.  I sent the girls a text to tell them that I’m rather in love with it.

NTA Painting in Place

I’m sure my photo doesn’t do it justice, but it’s beautiful, and simple, and vibrant, and passionate.

The MR came home and said it’s too low.  That’s when I suggest a tall, skinny painting for the other side of the sconce to balance it out—kind of like another pair I know.  I also have some hex shelves that would fill the space nicely, but they are rather deep and would take away from the calm ease of the space.

I think I run into trouble when I just rush out and buy something, so I’m going to take my time.  Yes, I may have to deal with a lack of balance for a bit, but that’s part of the journey.  Good things are worth waiting for.

You can check out similar paintings on Etsy at Original Modern Art or Sky Whitman Fine Art.  The artist, Bethany Sky whitman, sent a certificate of authenticity with our painting and a lovely letter thanking us for our support.

I’m all for encouraging beauty in a world that can be difficult at times.

How do you support beauty?











9 thoughts on “Now That’s Art

  1. I lIke painting, not that I’m great, just like to. I have a spot in my entry that I switch them out in. I also like having my photos transferred to canva. I too also like to take my time and make sure I have found just the right piece.

  2. Love the idea of a tall, skinny painting on the other side of the sconce! Perfect! I also love that your willing to leave things “not quite perfect yet” or in progress while the solution or completion evolved in its own time. I live in a state of undone…waiting on the future beauty to unfold!!!😉

  3. I think the painting is great, as I like to see depth in art that makes me be a part of the art, with memories, or hope, or I visualize as to the wheat harvest colors that I love driving through in eastern Washington that I saw in your piece of art………and I am crazy in love at the height you hung it (art should always be hung at eye level, as the ceiling is way too high) and that it is not symmetrically placed. Art is also more fun in odd numbers 1-3-5-etc. as the brain can enjoy it more because it is able to stand alone, not balanced. Nice job.
    I have been having extreme problems with my computer, and have not found your blogs for quite some time. Just did this morning!! Yippee. MeeMee

  4. Our last piece of art was purchased on vacation in South America. We like the idea of buying art abroad, as it reminds us of our trips. And, our latest piece is really unique. I like your idea of tall and skinny to offset the new picture.

    • It’s a lovely piece—very dramatic. So glad you have that painting to remind you of such a great adventure. We have a glass vase we picked up on the island of Murano on our tenth anniversary trip to Europe. It still makes my smile and reminds me of good times.

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