A Little of This, A Little of That

It’s just been one of those weeks.  Our sweet girlies are on spring break, and they’ve brought a whirlwind of excitement with them.  While I love having kids home, a whole lot of other stuff goes on hold.

We’ve been out to dinner five times, headed to the mall three times, and sent Sweet Miss and her Fella off to Ireland.

SM & F

We celebrated Baby Girl’s golden birthday at a Japanese steak house with six teenage girls and have had kids over on multiple nights.

ALT Cake

We’ve spent hours in meetings, at the mall, and explored the architecture exhibit at the Bellevue Art Museum.  (Baby Girl’s professor told her class they’d never be great architects without studying other architects work; she’s a very wise woman.)

Me & BG

That’s a lot more than our usual low-key week.  Oh and this weekend it’s Easter, and we’re teaching Sunday school and then driving Baby Girl down to the bus station for the ride back to school.  (Note to self: don’t wait till the last minute to see if you can catch a ride with a friend when Easter and spring break coincide.)

The MR finished painting upstairs—but it’s a mess—so let’s aim on photos for next week.  We still have a pile of pavers to move down in the garden and the bird netting enclosure in the orchard is only half-way done.  Measure twice, cut once is such a good rule.


So what do you write about when there’s nothing to write about?  Knitting of course.  I finished BG’s poncho, and can I say Alpaca is lovely to work with.  This is Two Harbors Poncho by Sarah Smuland in Blue Sky Alpaca’s Extra (a 50/50 fine wool and baby alpaca blend).


Baby Girl looks great, and this pattern knits up really quickly in this cushy, bulky yarn.  My only caution is that it’s knit from side-to-side—something I failed to notice before I made my gauge swatch.  My gauge may be a little off, but this will keep my baby cozy while she’s off at school.

If you’ve read my knitting posts in the past, you’ll know I’m a huge proponent of blocking your finished product.  Here’s a pair of socks I finished recently.

ALT Sock Collage

I was excited to try “Magic Loop”, two-at-a-time socks for the first time and made up Felicia Lo’s Park City Socks in Intrepid Otter sock yarn.  By the by, it’s the Piano Man colorway cause who doesn’t enjoy a little Billy Joel? What I want you to notice is the huge difference between the blocked and unblocked socks.  Taking that extra step makes a huge difference. The lace pattern truly shines with a little blocking.

When you’ve gone to all that hard work, it pays to finish strong.

Have a blessed holiday weekend.  “He has risen.He has risen, indeed.”

Next week, I’ll say goodbye to my sweet girlies and be back with gardening, or house stuff, or knitting, or maybe chocolate cake—you just never know around here.






3 thoughts on “A Little of This, A Little of That

  1. I feel I can speak for all your fans, we LOVE you talking about your girls. Loved the socks, and the poncho. The sock were just absolutely wonderfully beautiful. We are having 9 for dinner on Easter, eating outside by the fountain as it will be 79!! I too wrote to all my friends, Christ has Risen, He has risen indeed. Peace, love and joy, Happy Easter MeeMee and Papa

    • Glad Grandma likes to hear about the girls. 😊 Happy Easter MK. Hope your dinner went well. We ate ham with BG on Saturday, dropped her at the bus station after church, ate Easter dinner with my dad, and sent ham home with SM and her Fella when they got back from Ireland on Monday.

  2. Nothing wrong with writing about knitting!! One of my favorite subjects!! I loooove the socks, and the poncho came out great! I just finished two baby blankets for my newborn twin grand-daughters. 🙂 Always nice to hear about other peoples knitting adventures! ~Rita

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