Her Mama’s Girl

Sweet Miss returned from her Irish adventure safe and sound with gifts for everyone.  The MR received a Guinness mug and a rugby scarf, Baby Girl received a beautiful aran scarf, and Sweet Miss brought me 450 yards of beautiful wool yarn.


When she texted me that she’d spent a lot of time talking to a woman who spun her own wool, I was hoping.  I guess she knows her mama well.

Thank you Sweet Miss!  She claimed that after a night of flying, fresh out of the shower, with no makeup  on she looked horrible.  Ah foolish youth, you’ll always look beautiful to me.

Now I have to decide what to do with my new found bounty. Sweet Miss mentioned that the contact info was included just in case…

So many patterns and only one skein.

How do you decide?


4 thoughts on “Her Mama’s Girl

  1. You could order more, and make her something. And you are right, she always looks beautiful no matter what she has been doing just prior to the photo. Proud and loving MeeMee.

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