All That Swath of Purple Stuff

Remember a long time ago, when all was new and we’d basically done nothing around here and I dreamed of a swath of purple blanketing the hillside?  I thought we needed lavender bushes, but we already had beautiful foxgloves everywhere; I’d just failed to notice.

A Swath of Purple

Well, then we had a little over-zealous mowing, and we decided to put in an orchard, and the foxgloves didn’t make it quite up to the house but remained at the bottom of the meadow.  Anyways, I’m still in pursuit of that swath of purple.

So a few years ago, we ordered some plants online and they wound up in the mailbox while we were on vacation and  got totally baked, and never did anthing. But last year, we bought about 16 plants at the local FFA plant sale at the high school, and they’ve done really well.  At least some varieties have done really well.


Now, I have to decide whether to try to propagate my own lavendar plants or just buy more at the plant sale.  The sale is still a few months off, so I guess I can try both. Where are my FFA girls when I need them?

Have any of you had luck propagating plants? I’m looking for tips and tricks.



3 thoughts on “All That Swath of Purple Stuff

  1. Dig a hole (s) put some new soil in it, dig up and pull apart the to be propagated plant, sprinkle some “root grow” in the hole, add water and the new plant, and put more new soil over the roots, ONLY as deep as they were planted before. Tada! Done..

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